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This month was big for FringeSport in many ways. We added some great members to our team, dropped some key products we are very proud of, and moved locations from north Austin to a much larger warehouse, office and retail space south of downtown.

We are now located and operating fully out of:

3725 Drosset Drive, Austin TX, 78744
We are really excited to be expanding the business and with growth comes the
opportunity for us to develop new products, sponsor and take part in new events,
and shore up our systems of operation to make sure we continue to deliver on our
promise of World Class customer service.
As always, our goal is to provide you with solid innovative product, super speedy delivery, and a consumer experience so good that makes it seem crazy to not come back.

This summer is going to be exciting. Stay tuned for new products, sales, and community events via social media, and of course if you're in Austin, drop in to say hello!


Founder and CEO

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June 26, 2015

You need to update your Google map address. It still takes you to your old location.

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