How to Start Your Garage Gym (Our Top 5 Items to Start With)

What’s going on, Fringe Fam? Jason is back with us today to talk you through the top 5 items to start your garage gym with. Before we get into the good stuff, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel (new videos weekly!), like the video above, and join our private Facebook group, The Garage Gym Revolution, where you can post topics to talk about, ask questions, and get answers from strength-minded people just like you.


Now, let’s talk about the fun stuff. Here’s the top 5 items we suggest for starting your garage gym.


Squat Rack or Squat Stand

a squat cage or stand is crucial when starting your garage gym

What you choose here is ultimately going to be up to you. Whatever you choose, cage or stand, this will be the centerpiece of the garage or home gym. Pick what you’d prefer, what’s best for you, your set-up, space, and workout style. Number one is always going to be some kind of squat cage or rack in our book.



When picking a barbell, consider the kind of workout style you’ve chosen to help you decide upon your rack. A barbell should match this style, so your workouts and garage gym are cohesive, easy to use, and helpful in executing your workouts.


Whether that’s a general purpose bar, a weightlifting bar, a powerlifting bar, choose the bar that best fits the majority of your workouts. Lucky for you, we have tons of options that will last you a lifetime.



plates of some kind are necessary to load your barbell with

These don’t have to specifically be bumper plates. These could be iron plates, competition plates, bumper plates, whatever you prefer the most for your set up and your workouts. You’re going to need plates to load onto your barbell.


Plates, whatever kind, are going to be the catalyst in getting you to wherever you want to go with your strength and fitness. They’re great for strength training, toning, endurance work, and so much more. Load those plates on your bar and get to work.


A Bench

best bench for garage gym

A great bench is another key item in starting your garage gym. Like the other items above, you should choose something that best serves your workout purposes. That could be a flat bench, an incline bench, a flat, incline, decline bench, or whatever you’d like best and also fits your workout style. There’s plenty of great benches out there, but pick one that suits you best and meets your needs.



kettlebells for garage gym

Why kettlebells? You’re going to want a solid set of kettlebells because they’re super versatile. Kettlebells can do a lot of things dumbbells cannot, and they feel different. With kettlebells, you’ll be able to get a full body, great workout by going the kettlebell route.


These are our top 5 items for starting your garage gym, and we want to know yours. Let us know in the comments below or tag us (@fringesport) in a photo of your garage gym on Instagram so we can repost and feature you on our story!!

If you have any questions, hit us in the comments below or send us a message on our site. If your top 5 differs from what we’ve claimed as ours, let us know in the comments and tell us what your top 5 items look like.

If you're interested in designing and outfitting your own garage gym, let us know and we'll get you set up with someone who can help you find the best gear for your needs at the best prices.

As always, Fringe Fam, lift heavy, lift happy :)

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