20kg Men's Olympic Weightlifting Bar by Fringe Sport


20kg Men's Olympic Weightlifting Bar by Fringe Sport

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The Fringe Sport Olympic Weightlifting Barbell is purpose-built to deliver you a high end Olympic Weightlifting bar that is designed for competition but priced for training.

What happens when you think about barbells




For us, it means we want to lift on the best.

And that's what the Fringe Sport Olympic Weightlifting bar is. Designed from the ground up to offer an unparalleled lifting experience, and engineered to do this at an amazing price.

We started with the basics- the Fringe Sport Weightlifting Bar conforms to IWF standards on weight, diameter, and knurl.

Then we geeked out.

  • Steel - We chose a 216,200 PSI tensile strength steel that is super strong, yet nice and whippy.
  • Knurl - We went a little deeper with our knurl than most do to deliver a bar that sticks to your hands when you need it to, but is light enough for training day in and day out.
  • Center knurl - We hear you, weightlifters! The center knurl is back, but we backer off the depth to give a passive (but still there) light, center knurl.
  • Finish - For launch, we are offering the Fringe Sport Weightlifting Bar in Matte Chrome- providing excellent corrosion resistance with a nearly-bare-steel feel- plus, matte chrome provides less "build up" in finish deposition providing an awesome grip on the knurl.
  • Spin - You want bearings? We've got your bearings! Four bearing cartridges provide fast, long spin for days.

    The end result is an AMAZING barbell for Olympic weightlifting at a price that you won't be able to believe.

    One snatch on this bar and you'll be a believer.

    Package Contents and Specifications

    • Weight: 20 kilograms / ~44 pounds +/- 0.1 gram
    • Collars: 4 Taiwanese Needle Bearings
    • Weight Capacity: 2,200 pound limit
    • Tensile Strength: 216,200 PSI
    • Yield Strength: 206,900 PSI
    • Whip: Whippy
    • Spin: Fast
    • Best Use: Snatch, Clean, and Jerk
    • Material: Matte Chrome
    • Length: 86.6 inches
    • Sleeve Specs: 16.3 inches Length and 2" Diameter
    • Shaft Specs: 28mm Diameter
    • Knurl: Moderate depth knurl with single knurl marks ("rings") to IWF specifications. Passive center knurl.
    • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer's defects.

    Bushing Wonder Bar
    Bearing Wonder Bar
    Bomba V2
    Fringe Sport Weightlifting
    Fringe Sport Power Bar
    Fringe Sport Hybrid Bar

    Bushing Wonder Bar

    Bearing Wonder Bar

    Bomba V2

    Fringe Sport Weightlifting

    Fringe Sport Power Bar

    Fringe Sport Hybrid Bar
    Barbell Type Bushing Bearing Bushing Bearing Bushing Bearing
    Weight 20kg or 15kg 20kg or 15kg 20kg or 15kg 20kg or 15kg 20kg 20kg
    PSI 202,000 (160,000 -15kg) 202,000 (160,000 -15kg) 205,000 (160,000 -15kg) 216,000 (216,000 -15kg) 216,000 216,000
    Whip Stiff Stiff Moderate Whippy Stiff Moderate
    Warranty Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
    Shaft Diameter 28mm (25mm -15kg) 28mm (25mm -15kg) 28mm (25mm -15kg) 28mm (25mm -15kg) 29mm 28.5mm
    Knurl Dual Dual Dual IWF + Center Knurl IPF + Center Knurl Dual + Center Knurl
    Spin Moderate Fast Moderate Oly Moderate Fast
    Best Use Garage Gym, WODing & Oly Garage Gym, WODing & Oly Garage Gym, Oly, Powerlifting Oly & Everything Powerlifting: Slow lifts - squat, deadlift, and bench. Built for experienced, strong lifters who combine Oly, Powerlifting, and WODing.
    Made In China China USA Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan
    Maintenance  Aesthetics Aesthetics Aesthetics Aesthetics Aesthetics Aesthetics

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    US US

    Work of Art

    In addition to Fringesport's customer service being top notch, their equipment doesn't disappoint. This bar is a work of art! Fit an finish is flawless. The collars are tight and have a smooth and consistent spin. I'm very pleased with this bar!

    Keith W.

    Great Olympic Bar

    Wanted a quality bar at a good price that had some whip very pleased and highly recommend!

    Nicholas N.

    20kg Olympic weightlifting bar

    I've used this barbell a few times over the past 2 weeks and really enjoy it. I'd been using a "multi-purpose bar" for all my lifts and i can really feel a difference with a dedicated weight lifting bar for my ****** and C&J. Great spin and knurling just right.

    Zak O.
    US US

    Great OLY Bar

    First off, the look of this barbell is very pleasing on the eye. The sleeves have a very cool ribbed pattern to them and the knurling feels perfect! The one thing I am not sure of is that the sleeves almost move in and out at the collar, not sure if that's meant to be or not?

    Kevin Z.
    US US

    Great Bar

    This's is a review of the Fringe Sport Olympic Weightlifting bar, not the Vaughn bar. My stats for experience reference: 39 yrs old. Former 85kg Masters national record holder in C&J. Best lifts 131kg ******, 160Kg C&J. Purely weightlifting for last 5 yrs. 140kg C&J is the most I've had on it thus far. lifted in a lot of gyms on a lot of bars. Couldn't be happier. - Knurling is perfect. Super solid grip but not so sharp it rips my hands up. I'd compare it to rogue Bergener bar and rogue new Olympic weightlifting bars. Much better grip than all the pendlays I've lifted on, but not as harsh as the average Eleiko and Werksans I've used. Center knurl does have a little bite if you're not used to having a center knurl and you'll start to really feel it on multiple rep Clean and Jerks, but I personally like it. - Great Whip. Feels comparable to werksan and Eleiko. But not as whippy as the noodle-like DHS bars I've used. Definitely more whip than the Pendlays. - Spin is great. Not much else to say about that. - Feels very solid and doesn't rattle when dropped. Has more of a solid thud sound. - Only complaint is the dust covers have a clear plastic like material that doesn't seem so be glued on very well on either side. But honestly that is really just cosmetic. I recommend it to anyone. I think it has all the best qualities in a weightlifting bar without breaking the bank.