Savage Bumper Plate (Pairs)


Savage Bumper Plate (Pairs)

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Savage Bumper Plate Pairs by Fringe Sport

The Savage Difference

Our Savage Bumper Plates have tiger streaks of color throughout them, making them easy to identify. While the color streaks certainly catch your eye, it's easy to forget that they are also super helpful. The color comes in handy both in a crowded gym setting when you gotta get what you need fast and also at home when you're just trying to get a quick workout in and don't have time to double-check the plates you're loading.

The Savage Bumper Plates represent the ideology of never stopping, never giving up, and never backing down. WODs don't just take physical strength, they take MENTAL strength! It's our mission to remind every athlete that it's not about who can lift the most, it's about how far you push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

Our Savage Bumper Plates are covered in almost bombproof rubber that preserves the iron so they will not rust when exposed to wet surroundings."

Why Choose Bumper Plates by Fringe Sport

If you lift often, you're likely already familiar with bumper plates. If you're not lifting often, bumper plates are great for beginners and experts alike because they protect your barbell if and when the barbell is dropped from any lift. But do you know why bumpers are so much more popular than iron weights? When you compare the two, bumper plates are prized for their quiet nature and lower bounce due to their material. Since they're made of 100% virgin rubber, they're ideal for both home gyms and box gyms as they naturally absorb sound.

With rubber absorbing the sound, you can forget about obnoxious noise waking up your sleeping kids or neighbors, but that's not all our bumper plate rubber does. Our rubber is specifically crafted to create a low bounce when dropped, so you spend less time getting back to the bar and more time making gainz.

  • Extremely durable, will last for years in a garage or affiliate.
  • At a glance differentiate weights with these color-coded plates.
  • Expertly designed stainless steel insert in the 25 lb, 35 lb, 45 lb, and 55lb plates provides increased surface area for the rubber to adhere to so that the insert remains firmly seated WOD after WOD, making our bumpers Texas tough.
  • Higher density virgin rubber means thinner bumpers and you can fit more weight on the bar.
  • Low, dead bounce makes these safe in tight spaces.
  • Sold in pairs and sets.
  • Please Note: The 10lb Grey Savage Bumpers are a little sensitive when it comes to the sun... If exposed to UV rays, they can start to turn green, but don't fret! These guys are just as awesome as any other bumper plate made by Fringe Sport. They're still new and have never been used.

Package Contents and Specifications

  • Contents: 2 - Color Bumper Plates (1 Pair)
  • Weight: 10-55 pounds each
  • Weight Tolerance: +/- 1% of declared weight
  • Full Diameter: 15 - 55 pound plates: 450mm (~17.7 inches) width, 10 pound plate: 445mm (17.5 inches)
  • Insert Diameter: 50.3mm, will fit most barbells with 2" sleeves
  • Bumper Plate Widths: 55's - 3.2", 45's - 2.9", 35's - 2.35", 25's - 1.87", 15's - 1.2", 10's - 1.05"
  • Durometer: 10's and 15's are 90 sHA; the 25, 35, 45 and 55 pound bumpers are 85 sHA.
  • Material: Virgin rubber, stainless steel insert
  • Warranty: 5-Year Warranty on 25's, 35's, 45's and 55's; 1 Year warranty on 10's and 15's.

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John V.
United States United States

Savage Bumper Plates

Absolutely love them.

Frank M.
United States United States

45 lbs plates

Work great easy on hands.

Michael R.
United States United States

Fringe "Savage" Bumper Plates (Tiger Stripe)

I already had the 10-15-25-35 bumper plates with the "Savage" tiger-stripe design. I have used them for several months now and I like them very much. They look good, feel good, and they motivate me to work out more often. Today, my 45's arrived to complete the set with the amount of weight I wanted. So, why do I like them? A) They are a very cool looking color pattern. B) They are advertised as being +/- 1% of stated weight, meaning the very most a pair could be off from each other is a maximum of 2% which is in line with quality machined steel plates. C) The inserts have a rod going into the rubber which holds it very firmly in place which means there is almost no chance the insert will ever separate from the plate even with repeated drops. D) The insert is slightly rounded at the edges, making the plates slide onto the bar sleeve easier and without scuffing the finish on the sleeve. E) The plate edges are beveled, which makes it easy to lift the heavier plates off the floor if they are ever laying flat. Without that beveled edge, good luck! F) The texture of the plates feels very grippy, making it easy to carry the plates without fear of one slipping out of your hand. G) Even though I only do "Power" lifts and not "Oly" lifts, I appreciate that the plates go together with a mild thud rather than a loud clang when loading the bar. I lift in the evenings in this Texas heat, and the folks inside the house are happy not to hear a lot of clanging noises. I wrote this lengthy review on the chance someone is shopping for a set of bumper plates but doesn't know much about them. I wanted to explain WHY I bought these plates over other plates. I hope this will help.

Joseph B.
United States United States

Fly as a kite

To say these bumpers have swag would be an understatement. They are the coolest looking bumpers and will for sure add 10 lbs easy to your PR. Plus they are high quality like all the other fringe products I own!

Walter C.
United States United States

Savage Bumpers

These plates look and feel great. The rubber is soft enough to grip your hand and tuff enough to take some abuse. Maybe more importantly they look awesome. I couldn't be happier.