American-Made Crumb Bumper Plate Sets


American-Made Crumb Bumper Plate Sets

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Why Use Fringe Sport American-Made Crumb Bumper Plates

We're bringing you our very own Fringe Sport crumb bumper plates sets. These American-made recycled rubber bumper plate are a step above your average plate. This plate offers durability that most plates do not have. These plates are heavily drop tested daily, over 30,000 drops. If you are looking for a recycled rubber plate this is one that will not disappoint.

  • 450mm diameter and a 2in stainless steel insert. These plates are ready for the challenge and will fit most Olympic barbells.
  • Save when you purchase your crumb bumpers in a set, instead of individually.
  • Not finding the set you need? Give us a call and we can build the perfect set for you.

Package Contents & Specifications

  • Quantity: 2 - American Made Crumb Black Bumper Plates per weight indicated in set (1 Pair)
  • Material:  Recycled rubber, stainless steel insert
  • Full Diameter: 450mm (~17.7 inches)
  • Insert Diameter: 2 inches
  • Weight / Plate Thickness: 10lb - 1.375", 15lb - 1.875", 25lb - 2.25", 35lb - 3.00", 45lb - 3.75"
  • Origin: U.S.A.
  • Warranty: 10lb and 15lb - 1 year, 25lb - 45lb 3 year.

What Set to Choose

10/15/25/45 - 190lbs: For those that want to make their weight jumps a little smaller and want some additional rubber to add to the bars. The 15s by themselves are still mainly for technique, but their added weight definitely makes them sturdier than the 10 lb bumpers.

10/15/25/35/45 - 260lbs: This 260 pound full set of bumper plates is a must for the well-stocked home gym. Multiple sets are great for commercial gyms as well. This set comes with 5 pairs of crumb bumpers- one set each of 10 pound, 15 pound, 25 pound, 35 pound, and 45 pound plates.

10/15/25/45/45/45 - 370lbs: This 370 pound set ensures that all your bases are covered, for one or two people. Whether you are a novice lifter or throwing around some real weight, this set has the weights you need. Need to go heavier? You can either add iron in or contact us for a custom quote on a larger package.

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