Kettlebells - Powder Coated


Kettlebells - Powder Coated

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Fringe Calling the Kettle Black

"The kettlebell is an ancient Russian weapon against weakness." - Pavel Tsatsouline

You know what we love, Love, LOVE at Fringe Sport? Strength.

You know what we despise? Weakness.

You know how we crush weakness? You guessed it, with kettlebells.

In Russia, kettlebell lifts you. Fortunate for you, you're in the U.S. so let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Heavy-Duty Powder Coated Kettlebells with color-coded rings by size. Our matte black powder coating and comfortable handle design allow for the best functionality, durability, and technique. Our kettlebells range from 4kg all the way up to 32kg. Save money by purchasing the whole set. 


  • 4KG: 26mm
  • 6KG: 30mm
  • 8KG: 30mm
  • 10KG: 32mm
  • 12KG: 32mm
  • 16KG: 34mm
  • 18KG: 34mm
  • 20KG: 38mm
  • 24KG: 38mm
  • 28KG: 40mm
  • 32KG: 40mm

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