Capital Gainz Tax Sale | Mystery Boxes


Capital Gainz Tax Sale | Mystery Boxes

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By: Fringe Sport

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Do you wonder where the mystery is in life? Do you find yourself asking, "Why are there no surprises anymore? What happened to serendipity? What happened to adventure?!" At Fringe, we feel the same way! We know you could use some fun and excitement especially during tax season. Which is why during our Capital Gainz Tax Sale ONLY, we will be offering our exclusive Mystery Refund Boxes! Spend $30 on a mystery box and get an $80 value box in return or spend $50 on a mystery box and get a $140 value box in return. That's some serious Gainz!

This is your chance to do something different, to take a risk, to make a change... to embrace the unknown with swole, open arms! So go on and treat yourself to something unexpected and bring back a little suspense and thrill to your daily routine  💸❓💸

There are no special requests, exchanges, or refunds. You cannot know the contents of the boxes. (This is why it is a mystery after all!) 

Product Details and Specifications

  • Contents: There are 2 different sizes of boxes loaded with a variety of goodies.
  • Weight: about 13 lb

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