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MagPeg Band Peg

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Break through "stuck" lifts with MagPeg Band Pegs

Weight on the bar is weight on the bar right? With Bumper Plates, or Metal Weights, YES. With MagPeg Band Pegs, you can vary the resistance on the bar- adding more weight where you are stronger, getting you more and faster gains.

Key Features

  • Breaking Chains, Smashing Plateaus - Blast through weak points and spark new highs in your lifts. This is the friend who silently drives you to greatness.
  • Magnetic Charm, Premium Performance - Our MagPeg band pegs each boast a rare earth magnet that socks tight to your squat rack for safety
  • Choose Your Size, Conquer Your Goals - Pick the 1-inch option for your 2x2 or 3x3 rack, or go for the 5/8-inch option if you're rocking a 2x3 rack.
  • Strength Multiplied - Sold in packs of 4 - Maximize your lifting potential with our MagPeg Band Pegs, conveniently available in packs of 4
  • Lifetime warranty- Stainless steel pin, anodized aluminum head, and advanced industrial design ensures a lifetime of use

Mag Peg Band Peg: Elevate Your Lifts, Crush Plateaus

Alright, gym warriors, listen up – we're about to drop some knowledge bombs on you. This game-changing accessory is about to take your lifting game from "meh" to "heck yeah!"

Ever wanted to make plateaus* disappear with a wave of your barbell? The Mag Peg Band Peg is your secret wand.

Designed for the connoisseurs of iron and sweat, this bad boy turns your power rack into a wizard's den of strength gains.

You've hit a wall? We've got your back. Our Mag Peg Band Peg is like that one friend who pushes you to greatness (but without the annoying motivational speeches).

It's resistance bands on steroids, ready to transform your lifts and obliterate weak spots.

*What's a "plateau in lifting you ask? Simple! A plateau is when your lifts stop progressing. Let's say you're doing a program like StrongLifts 5x5 and for every workout, you're adding 5 pounds to the bar. At some point, your muscles simply don't get 5 pounds stronger from session to session. Using band pegs and resistance bands can help you add variable resistance to the bar and get your weights and lifts growing.

We're not just dropping pegs here; we're dropping jaws

Say hello to our magnetic masterpiece. Inside that cap, we've got magnets that hold on tighter than your gym crush. It's like magic – except it's real! Plus the premium stainless steel pin means a lifetime of trouble-free use.

We know you're serious about your gains, but that doesn't mean you can't look good doing it.

Based on our popular Magpin design, these stainless steel pins add a touch of class, while the knurled cap brings the premium feel you deserve.

Your lifts will be strong, and your style even stronger.

Who's this for, you ask?

Newbie lifters looking to level up? Check.

Seasoned warriors ready to conquer the gym realm? Check.

Local gym heroes who put safety first? You bet.

The Mag Peg Band Peg is for anyone who's tired of hitting walls and ready to break through 'em.

Plateaus beware – we're coming for you

The Mag Peg Band Peg isn't just about strength; it's about the thrill of progress, the satisfaction of pushing limits, and the joy of saying "I did that!"

Sure, there are others out there peddling their pegs. But let's be real – they're like knock-off wands from the dollar store.

Ours? Stainless steel, premium finish, and magnets that stick around for the long haul.

They're not just pegs; they're your lift's new best friends.

Ready to Elevate?

Plateaus are so last season.

It's time to level up, smash through walls, and own your lifting journey like a boss.

Click that "Add to Cart" button and let the Mag Peg Band Peg work its magic.

Product Specifications

1" Band Peg

24.5mm pin diameter (will fit all 1” rack holes on the market)
- Stainless steel pin
- Hole at the end of the pin for lock pin and lock pin included
- Strong magnetic cap that will never fail that adheres to upright to lock in place
- 9.375” pin length
- Knurled anodized aluminum cap
- 2” Cap diameter
- ¾” cap thickness

5/8" Band Peg

- 15.5mm pin diameter (will fit all 5/8” rack hole on the market)
- Stainless steel pin
- Hole at the end of the pin for lock pin and lock pin included
- Strong magnetic cap that will never fail that adheres to upright to lock in place
- 9.375” pin length
- Knurled anodized aluminum cap
- 2” Cap diameter
- ¾” cap thickness

How to use band pegs?

Ready to take your lifting to the next level with our Mag Peg Band Pegs? Here's a straightforward rundown on how to harness their power and make gains like a pro:

  1. Placement Matters: Insert the Mag Peg Band Pegs into the designated holes on your power rack. You'll want one on each side for balanced resistance.

  2. Build the Setup: Picture creating a stable foundation. Placing a band peg on both sides forms the basis for effective resistance.

  3. Secure the Bands: Attach your resistance bands to the pegs. They'll hold on securely, setting the stage for your workout.

  4. Barbell Integration: Slip your barbell into the loop of the resistance bands. This connection adds resistance, altering the dynamic of your lifts.

  5. Lift with Intent: Lift as usual, but notice the enhanced challenge. The resistance bands kick in to keep you working harder and smarter.

  6. Defeat Plateaus: By introducing resistance where it counts, the band pegs help you overcome strength plateaus and push past limitations.

It's all about using science to your advantage. Elevate your training routine with Mag Peg Band Pegs and experience the difference. Ready to take control of your gains? Get your set today!

Required By California Law - WARNING: This product may have materials, which are known to the State Of California, that can cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, California Prop 65:

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