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Kettlebell Sets by OneFitWonder

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By: OneFitWonder by FringeSport

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Our OneFitWonder Kettlebells are Perfect for any Kettlebell Workout

OneFitWonder kettlebells strike the ideal balance of quality and price. You can buy less expensive kettlebells, but you'll be making a trade-off in quality. Here are a few reasons why your next kettlebell should be a OneFitWonder kettlebell:

  • Kilogram weights hit the most popular kettlebell sizes
  • Custom, specialized texture designed for enhanced grip without destroying your hands - with or without chalk
  • Durable finish takes abuse
  • Perfect handle thickness- not too thin and not too thick. Hold tight even while sweating
  • Handles that fit two hands for KB swings
  • Bottoms ground flat for renegade rows, KB handstands, and more!
  • One-piece casting.
  • Guaranteed weight
  • Customize your own set - we have pre-selected weights but give us a call and we can build a set that fits exactly what you're looking for (512) 201-4404.

Package Contents and Specifications

  • Contents: Set of your choosing of Premium Kettlebell by OneFitWonder
  • Weight: 4-48 kilograms per kettlebell based on set.
  • Handle Specs: 1.25 inches for 4 - 14kg and 1.5 inches for 16 - 48 kg
  • Material: Solid cast iron
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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Kettlebell Set Contents

Light Weight (4/6/8/10/12/14/16 KG = ~154 LBs) This set covers everything women and/or teens need to work their way up from the very start with kettlebells. This is also a great set for a beginner bootcamp!

Semi (12/16/20/24 KG = ~158 LBs) The Men's set covers most of your bases, regardless of the exercise. 12kg is a great weight to start on Turkish get-ups and perfect if you are new to kettlebells, but have a decent strength base. Working your way up to 24kg will bring your physical fitness level way up and be a good goal for kettlebell training.

Heavy Duty (16/20/24/32 KG = ~202 LBs) This is the set for most athletic men looking to push themselves to the level of local competitions. Regardless of where your fitness level is at currently, each of these weights has a purpose. If you are starting and aspire to the 32kg, 16kg will be an excellent weight to begin the journey! If you are already swinging a 20kg or 24kg, the 16kg will be great for warming up and other exercises (snatch, turkish get-up, etc).

Complete (4/6/8/10/12/14/16/18/20/24/32 KG = ~361 LBs) This is a great set for completely fill out a home gym or cover a lot of your bases in an affiliate! It will hit almost any weight you need with a lot of small steps in between each, so you or your athletes will not have to make any big jumps until they get to the heavy weights (24kg to 32kg). Throw on the 48kg and you will have pretty much every kettlebell you will ever need!

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