Bonehead Ruck Weight Plate


Bonehead Ruck Weight Plate

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  • Dark as the night. Manufactured out of solid cast iron and coated in badass black powdercoat, which means these plates are tough as hell, and they'll look good outside of your rucksack, too.
  • Standard fit. Made to fit standard rucksack sizes. All dimensions for each weight are the same, except for the thickness of the weight.
  • Multi-purpose for all kinds of bad-assery. Whether you’re sticking these weights in your rucksack, swinging it like a kettlebell, or holding onto it’s handles during the ultimate weighted flow, our ruck weight is guaranteed to raise your workouts to the highest possible hardcore levels. Maybe you're rucking, maybe you're in your garage, maybe you're on the road and have limited choices in equipment to come with. The ruck weights take up minimal space and offer the most convenience and options for workouts at home or on the road.

loading ruck plate

Cue “Fuel” by Metallica and strap in, Fringe Fam. This skull-shaped ruck weight is hardcore and plays no games.


If you are new to rucking, no worries! It really couldn't be easier. Just grab any rucksack (or sturdy backpack if you have one handy), load it with a bonehead ruck weight plate, and walk around. That's it! You can walk around nature, your neighborhood, the mall, a death metal concert, whatever! Not sure which weight to start with? Most people start with 20lbs, but we offer ruck weights starting at 10lbs, in case you want to get a feel for that first.



If you’re hardcore into rucking, our new, super-hardcore ruck weight is the way to go. Is there anything more hardcore than a weight shaped like a skull, designed to get your blood pumping and muscles huge all at once? We don’t think so.

4 options. Do you want 10, 20, 30, or 45lb gains? We’ve got all 4 sizes, and all fit standard-sized rucksacks.
Great for growth. Not so great for use as protection. Although they are the most badass, they're not bulletproof and can't offer much protection in that regard.

grabbing ruck plate


multi purpose weight

We designed these bad boys with 2 handles, so you can do swings, lifts, weight your favorite flow, and a variety of other exercises. These are truly a multi-purpose weight plate. If you can do it with a kettlebell, you can probably do it with a Bonehead Ruck Weight Plate.


Dimensions for 45lb, 30lb 20lb: 15" x 9.5"

Dimensions for 10lb:
9" x 5.86"


45lbs: 1.7"
30lbs: 1.15"
20lbs: 3/4"
10lbs: 1"

Weights: 10lbs, 20lbs, 30lbs, 45lbs

Warranty: One year warranty.

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Jerrod H.
United States United States

It is a 45 pound plate that you put in a ruck and lug it around. What's not to love.

Thomas K.
United States United States
I’d buy it again!

Works as promised, a great tool for the home gym. Just buy it, I did no regrets here!