Retractable Power Rack


Retractable Power Rack

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What You Need To Know About the Retractable Power Rack

The Retractable Power Rack makes a good addition to any home/garage gym. The rack retracts for easy storage and includes a pull up bar and squat rack. If you're tight on space you can unfold to use and stow away when you're done.

  • Two 2" x 3" 11-Gauge Steel Uprights with 5/8" holes. Even includes westside spacing in the bench zone.
  • Easily adjustable 1.25" diameter pull-up bar that ranges ~70" - 88" from the floor.
  • Fold inward or outward to stow.
  • UHMW plastic coated j-hooks included - protects the finish on your bar. (Metric #4 Allen wrench to replace UHMW)
  • Full year satisfaction guarantee. 
  • Accepts all 2x3" accessories with 5/8" pin.

Package Contents and Specifications

  • Contents: 1 - Retractable Power Rack with a Pair of J-Cups, Adjustable Pull-up Bar,  4 mounting brackets, and 6 detent pins to lock the rack in place when open or closed.
  • Weight Capacity: 800lb weight capacity
  • Dimensions: 47.25" wide x 91" high x 25" from wall when in use or 5" when retracted and stored.
  • Assembly Required - PDF Instructions.

Installing Your Fringe Sport Retractable Power Rack

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is 'westside hole spacing'?
    • It's a type of upright drilling that places holes close together in the bench press area, allowing for very granular control of bar placement.

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