Olympic Barbell 15kg by Vaughn Weightlifting


Olympic Barbell 15kg by Vaughn Weightlifting

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By: Vaughn Weightlifting

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15kg Vaughn Bar Designed by Chad & Jodi Vaughn

The 15kg Vaughn Bar by Vaughn Weightlifting is the premiere training barbell for aspiring Olympians. It was designed in collaboration with Chad and Jodi Vaughn to be the ultimate bar for heavy snatching and clean and jerks... but of course it plays nice with regular WODing too. Features include 216,000 psi steel, a 25mm shaft diameter, collars that spin so buttery-smooth you'd swear there were bearings in there... and of course a lifetime warranty. Pick one up today... but only if you want to shatter your old PRs!

  • Full year satisfaction guarantee, with FREE returns. Lifetime warranty against bending or breaking.
  • Designed by Chad and Jodi Vaughn
  • 216,000 PSI steel
  • 25mm shaft diameter
  • 50.25mm sleeve diameter
  • IWF (weightlifting) knurl marks, no center knurl
  • Black manganese finished shaft and collars, bright chrome sleeves
  • Proprietary bushing collar design for a buttery smooth spin.
  • Also available in a 20kg Men's Olympic Weightlifting Barbell by Fringe Sport.

Package Contents and Specifications

  • Contents: 1 - Olympic Barbell by Vaughn Weightlifting
  • Collars: Proprietary bushing collar design
  • Weight: 15 kilograms / ~33 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 1,500 pounds
  • Tensile Strength: 216,000 PSI
  • Whip: Whippy
  • Spin: Oly
  • Best Use: Olympic & everything
  • Material: Black manganese finish, steel, and chrome
  • Length: 79 inches
  • Sleeve Specs: 12.5 inches and 50.25mm diameter
  • Shaft Specs: 25mm Diameter
  • Knurl: IWF (weightlifting) knurl marks, no center knurl
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer's defects. Altering, opening, or tampering in any way with the collars or sleeves will void all warranties and liabilities on this product.

The Story Behind the Vaughn Barbell

The Vaughn Bar was born out of Chad and Jodi Vaughn's frustration with the existing barbell options on the market. While the weightlifting scene in the US is exploding, barbell options and development has not kept pace. Prior to the Vaughn Bar, a purpose-built weightlifting bar with the best steel was $800+. The Vaughn bar clocks in at half that price, and adds a great knurl, no center knurl, a lifetime warranty, and more. Learn more about Chad Vaughn. 

Developing the Vaughn Barbell

Bushing Wonder Bar
Bearing Wonder Bar
Bomba V2
Vaughn Weightlifting

Bushing Wonder Bar

Bearing Wonder Bar

Bomba V2

Vaughn Weightlifting
Barbell Type Bushing Bearing Bushing Bushing
Weight 15kg or 20kg 15kg or 20kg 15kg or 20kg 15kg or 20kg
Price $189 - $199 $209 - $219 $219 - $255 $399
PSI 160,000 (202,000 -20kg) 160,000 (202,000 -20kg) 160,000 (206,000 -20kg) 216,000 (216,000 -20kg)
Whip Stiff Stiff Moderate Whippy
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Shaft Diameter 25mm (28mm -20kg) 25mm (28mm -20kg) 25mm (28.5mm -20kg) 25mm (28mm -20kg)
Knurl Dual Dual Dual IWF
Spin Moderate Fast Moderate Oly
Best Use Garage Gym, WODing, Oly & Powerlifting Garage Gym, WODing & Oly Garage Gym, Oly, Powerlifting Oly & Everything
Made In China China USA Taiwan
Maintenance  Aesthetics Aesthetics Aesthetics Aesthetics

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