Fringe Sport Intramurals 2019 - Rules of Participation

Here at Fringe Sport we do not care if you are new to fitness or competing at the games, we are just happy that you are moving off your butt and getting work in! 

Everyone who enters and completes the workout each week has a chance to win amazing prizes. We base on participation, NOT SCORE. For Fringe Sport’s Intramural everything is scalable and inclusive. Just participate, choose your own adventure, have some fun and win cool shit.

The CrossFit Open spans 5 weeks, releasing a new WOD each Thursday. We will have some fun across those 5 weeks, complete with prizes along the way and finish off on the 6th week with a party, because how else should you end the open?

Don't wanna pay for the open? DON’T. Registration with The Crossfit Open is not required, just sing up with us and do the wods released by Crossfit. Open movement standards apply, but weights and scales can vary for levels.

On Thursday 10th we will have our draft and randomly place people on teams.

Team Gorilla Grit
Team Stealthy Sloth
Team Optimum Octopus 

Once teams are set and workouts begin, it's pretty simple. 



STEP 1: REGISTER (must have register by Oct 10 4 pm)

Each participant will be randomly put onto one of 3 teams. Team Gorilla Grit, Optimum Octopus or Stealthy Sloth (maybe sneaky Sneaky Sloth)


STEP 2: Get ready to play.

Official registration in the Open from is not mandatory.

Each week from Oct 10-Nov 11 will release a wod on Thursday at 7pm CDT, 5pm PST. Choose a version that fits your level. Throw down at home, your local gym or outside. Wear your Fringe Sport shirt or gear and document the fun. (Fringe gear not required, but recommended for extra points)



After getting your breath back, post your video or picture with your equipment or score sheet to your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and tag us @fringesport and #fringesportintramural so we can all share the suffering together!



4pts x Participation Post + Tag (must do this to be a valid entry)

2 pts x Wear your Fringe Swag

2 pts x Use your Fringe Equipment

4pts x Get a friend to join and post too!

Free x Have FUN!



There will be a link posted to Social Media each week to submit your points earned.

This must be done by 11:57pm each Monday after the wod was released. 

Remember points are off of participation so just give it your best and go have some fun. Points are tallied on the honor system, and verified once each winner is pulled, so no sneaky shit because we will find out!



Refresh, refresh, refresh. Sit back and see if you were chosen to win some sweet swag!

Each week one participant from the top team will get chosen to win some sweet swag, and one participant overall will be chosen. 


But how do I win?

  1. Each week one winner from the team with top points is drawn for a big prize! So don’t let your team down and be sure to post!
  2. Don’t worry, even if your team sucks you can still win! One person from all who participated that week is drawn for the runner up prize of the week.
  3. Grand Prize: Out of everyone who entered all 5 weeks you are automatically entered to win the $100 gift certificate grand prize at the end of the open. So again, if your team sucks don’t fret you can still win! Just don’t suck too and forget to participate each week. You must post one photo or video and tag us in all 5 weeks to qualify for the Grand Prize!

*Must be in the US to have prizes shipped but participation outside of the us can receive photos of the prizes they would have won!

What Can I win?

    A variety of things including but not limited to:

Drawings: $50 and $100 Gift Certificates, Donut bumper plates, Custom Banners, Sweatshirts, T Shirts, Immortal Balls, Flags, Tropical Belt, water bottles, massage balls, mini bands….


If you earn 24 points you automatically win a banner with your team logo on it!

When are prizes announced?

Weekly prizes will be announced each Wednesday after submission.

Grand Prize is announced Friday Nov 15 at our Local Fringe Fun Party to celebrate the open. Attendance is NOT mandatory.

How do I earn points?

4pts x Participation Post + Tag (you must tag to be valid)

2pts x Wear your Fringe Swag

2pts x Use your Fringe Equipment

4pts x Get a friend to join and post too! (You both must post and tag to be valid)

Free x Have FUN!

Where do I submit?

Each week we will post a submission for for easy entry on our socials for you two enter your score with ease.

So post that pic, tag us, then head to our IG, FB or Twitter page and submit before you forget! 

Can I really scale in any way?

YUP! At fringe we encourage all walks of life and any level that wants to join in on the fun. We understand not everyone can meet the rx or even scaled standards of the open but want everyone to have an opportunity to join the fitness fun. Just choose something challenging and enjoy your adventure. The way CF should be.


Any questions not answered email, even including scaling questions!