100 lb Super Heavy Medicine Ball


100 lb Super Heavy Medicine Ball

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The Atlas Stone for the Rest of Us

You sit at your cubicle, stare blankly out the window, and daydream of being a strongman lifting Atlas Stones. You have a burning desire to lift awkward, burdensome objects. You can't go heavy enough.

You're sipping a mocktail at a party when your acquaintances drone on about the latest TV series, the newest phone, and the hot superhero movie. You blurt out that you did fifty 100 lb medicine ball overhead thruster slams. Everyone's jaw goes slack, their eyes go wide, they all stare at you in fear.

You get an amazing rush from walking the social plank. You never knew that being the strongest person in the room felt like...

The Skinny on M.O.W aka "Mother of Wallballs"

It's heavy and it's awkward. Try using this wallball like you would a "standard" medicine ball.

  • Durable material for tossing and slamming.
  • Good for strongman training, squishier than a concrete Atlas stone but a good training tool.
  • 22" diameter to hug and lift.

Product Contents and Specifications

  • Contents: 1 - 100 lb Medicine Ball
  • Weight: 100 lb
  • Material: PVC leather, post-consumer recyclables
  • Dimensions: 22" diameter
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Movements You Can Do With a 100lb Medicine Ball

  • Use with a Yoke Stand or sturdy platform (between waist and chest level) and lift and toss over the yoke crossbar or on to the top of the platform.
  • Heavy carries or standing.
  • Squat or lunge with it on the shoulder.
  • Stone to/over Shoulder

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