Floor Mount Gym Rig 2"x3"


Floor Mount Gym Rig 2"x3"

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Full Outfit Floor Mount Rig - Made in the USA - by Fringe Sport

Outfit your box with a made-in - Austin,Texas, fully expandable rig! This rig is a must-have for a well-outfitted affiliate or functional strength and conditioning gym. Based on an erector set-like expand ability and universal usability, this rig features 9' tall uprights with adjustable pull-up/muscle-up sections, squat positions with j-cups on the 4' sections, and it's made with heavy-duty 11 gauge steel uprights from US Steel manufactured in the heart of Texas.

  • Full year satisfaction guarantee, with FREE returns
  • Infinitely expandable- keep bolting on 4' and 6' sections for as much floor space as you've got!
  • Each 4' section features 2 squat/press positions, plus a muscle-up station.
  • Each 6' section features an additional muscle-up station.
  • Holes drilled out at 5/8" on the 2"x3" uprights- fits most brands of add-on equipment!
  • Holes drilled at 2" increments through the squat/press area- less confusion when lining up your j-cups
  • UHMW plastic lined j-cups for bar protection
  • We can customize the length from as short as 4' to as long as you need- contact us for a custom quote.

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If there is one piece of equipment that immediately tells your clients you're serious about training, it's your rig. And this Fringe Sport rig is a USA made, Texas-made solution for your rig needs.

Package Contents and Specifications

1 Pullup Rig by Fringe Sport

  • Weight: Varies with size
  • Material: American-made steel
  • Dimensions: 9ft heights, 6ft deep, and 10ft - 24ft wide depending on the length you choose.
  • Origin: Austin, TX, USA
  • Warranty: 1 year for all manufacturer defects. Altering or modifications in any way with will void all warranties and liabilities on this product.

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