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Fringe Sport 3x3 Sturdy Side Storage


Fringe Sport 3x3 Sturdy Side Storage

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A very wise person recently made the statement

You Can Never Have Too Much - Or Enough - Storage!

(Wonder where those people are? They are very smart!!)

Anyone who has ever started lifting can testify this is absolutely try. Gear multiplies like mosquitoes at the lake during summer.

Piles of plates. Deep stacks of dumbbells. Kajillions of kettlebells.

You get the picture.   And it is sometimes hard to find the right type of storage for the odd shaped, heavy weight fitness gear.

Fringe Fam, we heard your cries - and we have responded with a unique solution.

Fringe Sport 3x3 Sturdy Side Storage

These options give you storage options to attach to the Osprey Commercial Power Cage or ANY rack with 3x3 uprights and 1 inch holes - so it's universal storage for most racks!

You can get storage options that will hold your plates - 3 rows with our 6.5 inch weight storage pins - you can hold 180 pounds of weights per row - a total of 540 pounds of bumpersup and out of the way! And the plate options are available for the 30 inch and the 41 inch depth racks.

Need storage for other gear? Then you need the 41 inch multi storage shelves.   With this useful option, you get 3 of our storage shelves that hold 450 pounds of gear on EACH SHELF!  The storage possibilities are ENDLESS with 3 of the super sturdy heavy duty shelves.

Get one storage option - or get both! You can tidy up your gym and make it look better than any HGTV room makeover you've ever seen. You could even start your own YouTube channel about how to make your gym look amazing!

These storage options include parts made of heavy duty 11 gauge steel with black power coat that can outlast the harshest punishment of kettlebell drops, dumbbell disasters or kitty cat scratches. And they are covered by Fringe's Fantastic One Year Warranty!


Plate Side Storage Includes:

  • One upright
  • 4 crossmembers (the smaller pieces that go side to side)
  • 3 of the 6.5 inch weight storage pegs
  • You will be able to choose if you need the 30 inch or 41 inch type

Shelf Side Storage Includes:

  • One upright
  • One crossmember
  • 3 heavy duty storage shelves
  • This is currently available only in the 41 inch option.

All options are covered by the Fringe Fantastic One Year Warranty

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