Hypervest Pro Weight Vest


Hypervest Pro Weight Vest

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What You Need to Know About the Hyperwear Pro Weight Vest 

Step up to the best weight vest on the market- the Hypervest Pro by Hyperwear! Unlike other weight vest that use weight blocks that are up to 1kg in weight, the Hypervest Pro uses tiny metal plates to provide weight. These plates are evenly distributed across the vest for no bulk and maximum comfort. Plus, the vest itself cinches tight to your body.

The Hypervest comes with 10 pounds of weights installed. You can buy booster weight packs to increase the weight of the vest to 20 pounds or more.

It's the perfect vest for executing burpees, chest-to-bar pullups, knees-to-bar, sprints, distance runs and more!

  • Unisex patented design for exceptional comfort
  • Unique breathable, odor resistant, wicking fabric
  • Open side panels provide superior ventilation
  • Thin profile allows for full range of motion
  • Flexible side lacing for highly-adjustable fit
  • Comes pre-loaded with 10 lbs of steel weights

Note: This is not the best vest for loading 30 pounds or more. It is an excellent vest for weights of 5-20 pounds.

Why Use the Hypervest Pro

Take your training to the next level with the Hyper Vest PRO weighted vest. The patented design features a unique fabric control system that hugs the body for an extremely comfortable fit that does not restrict range of motion.

The breathable, odor-resistant, wicking fabric and generous open side panels provides superior ventilation. Highly adjustable side lacing and slim profile allows for exceptional fit and comfort.

The Hyper Vest PRO weight vest comes pre-loaded with 10 lbs of high-density steel weights and is fully adjustable. Whether  you are training for sports performance, cross training or general fitness and weight loss, the Hyper Vest PRO is the best weight vest.

Package Contents and Specifications

  • Contents: 1 - Hyperwear Hypervest Pro Weight Vest
  • Weight: 10 pounds:
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Vest Size Small Medium Large X-Large
Weight Range 90 -130lb 130 - 170lb 170 - 210lb 210lb+
Height Range 4'10" - 5'4" 5'4" - 5'9" 5'9" - 6'4" 6'4"+
Max Weight Capacity 23lb 25lb 34lb 45lb

About Hyperwear

Hyperwear is a leading producer of innovative, high-quality, functional fitness equipment that is safe, effective and easy to use. Our mission to provide simple, powerful, gear supported by best-in-class education and training resources. Our unique line of free weight product includes the Hyper Vest PRO weightvest, SandBell, SteelBell and SandRope.

They are the choice of many pro and collegiate athletic teams, top functional fitness and OCR athletes, military, police and fire personnel as well as the general fitness community

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