Jerk Block Plyo Box Conversion Kit


Jerk Block Plyo Box Conversion Kit

By: Bomba Gear

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Convert Plyo Boxes into a Jerk Block

In keeping with our philosophy of getting the most out of your plyo boxes while saving you valuable resources and space, we offer a Jerk Block Conversion Kit. This Kit utilizes (2) 20”x24”x30” Plyo Boxes, and converts them into a fully functional and sturdy 48” Jerk Block System.

The Jerk Block Conversion Kit includes:

  • One pair of Jerk Blocks (2 total)
  • One Pair of 2” Middle Risers (2 total)
  • One Pair 6” Base Elevators (2 total)
  • One Pair of 6” Middle Elevators ( 2 total)

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