Kettlebell Sets by Troy Barbell


Kettlebell Sets by Troy Barbell

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Why To Use Kettlebell Sets by Troy Barbell

 This Troy kettlebell set provides every kettlebell an entry- to mid-level athlete's needs. It is a great start for building anyone's repertoire. Need more or different weights? Email us and we will make you a deal.

Troy VTX Kettlebells are considered some of the best in the industry, bar none, particularly in the functional fitness community. Every aspect of the bell, from the larger handle with a fundamentally stronger "diamond" design to the baked enamel finish was designed to withstand rigorous workouts. On top of that, a 1 year warranty against breakage gives each user peace of mind. Pair that high quality manufacturing with our unbeatable service, and you get a one of a kind deal.

Why choose a Troy kettlebell?

Not all kettlebells are created equal. Here's why your next kettlebell should be a Troy kettlebell:

  • Troy kettlebells feature a well-balanced design that helps you perform kettlebell exercises properly. Many kettlebell workouts require you to balance or swing the kettlebell, and Troy kettlebells have an ideal weight distribution.
  • Troy kettlebells have a handle of the appropriate thickness and design- and smoothness! Some kettlebells have handles that are too thick, while others are too thin. While thick handles can be a great change of pace, this kettlebell has the ideal thickness in the handle- giving you a bit of a grip workout while still enabling you to blast your cardiovascular system without stressing your hands too much. Plus- the handle has a smooth design that is easy on your hands- no more torn calluses!
  • Troy kettlebells have a handle that is great for single hand or double hand exercise- no more "pinkies out" for KB swings.
  • Troy kettlebells have a durable baked-on enamel finish that is easy to grip and holds chalk well.The finish on Troy bells is rough and durable, not smooth or easily marred.
  • Troy kettlebells have an inset logo, which makes kettlebell snatches, racks, and cleans more comfortable. Raised logos and weight markings can dig into your forearm when doing kettlebell work. The logo and other information on this Troy kettlebell are inset, so no worries!
  • Troy kettlebells are versatile and durable. Use them for your most punishing kettlebell workouts- snatches, cleans, renegade rows, and more- you can even use these for kettlebell juggling if you dare- Troy kettlebells will take the abuse and keep on performing! Additionally, these kettlebells are just as useful to the kettlebell newbie as to the seasoned pro.
  • Finally, Troy kettlebells are backed by our no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee- plus a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. Use them and love them- or send them back!

Package Contents and Specifications

  • Contents: 1 - Kettlebell by Troy
  • Weight: 10-100 pounds
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Warranty: 1 Year

    More information

    How can I choose the kettlebell size that is right for me?

    Kettlebells come in many sizes, and were traditionally sold by the kilogram. Troy kettlebells are sold by the pound. Here is a chart with rough pound and kilogram weights:

    Kettlebell Weight Best Size For:
    10 lbs ~ 5 A woman or child who is new to kettlebells
    20 lbs ~ 9 kg A fit woman or teenager
    25 lbs ~ 12 kg Somewhat experienced females or untrained males
    35 lbs ~ 16 kg (1 Pood) An experienced female or a first kettlebell for a fit man (the most popular size)
    45 lbs ~ 20 kg The female who knows how to handle a kettlebell or the man who's had a little experience
    55 lbs ~ 25 kg The very experienced male or female
    60 lbs ~ 27 kg At this size and larger, you know what you are doing!

    What is a kettlebell?

    Kettlebells are weights that originated in Russia. They consist of a heavy shot or cannonball-like bottom with a looped metal handle connected to the top. Kettlebells rose to renewed popularity in the United States shortly after the turn of the millennium. For more information, check the Wikipedia entry on kettlebells.

    Why kettlebells?

    Kettlebells are all about economy- economy of time (for workouts) and economy of space (for equipment). Kettlebell workouts combine lifting with cardio (met con) do provide the maximum hit to your system with the minimum amount of time. Plus- a single kettlebell of the appropriate weight can fuel dozens of different kettlebell workout routines. Add in a pullup bar and some sprints and you'll be lean and mean in no time!

    What exercises can I do with a kettlebell?

    • Kettlebell snatch
    • Kettlebell clean
    • Kettlebell swing
    • Kettlebell Turkish get-up
    • Kettlebell windmills
    • Kettlebell juggling
    • More exercises- like kettlebell bench pressing and more!

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