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Midas EZ Curl Bar W/ Bicep Blaster


Midas EZ Curl Bar W/ Bicep Blaster

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Introducing the Midas EZ Curl Bar. When you do regular curls with a normal barbell, your forearms kind of join the party uninvited. But with the EZ Curl bar, it's like a VIP party for your biceps. The curved design allows you to isolate the biceps when performing curls, sculpting a fuller, more defined bicep over time. Since you're isolating the bicep, they get bigger and stronger with fewer reps. It's like doing less homework but getting better grades – how awesome is that?


  • Gold Chrome Collars for a premium look and feel
  • 5 different hand placements designed to target all parts of the bicep
  • Premium "signed" endcaps for easy weight identification
  • The curl bar is rackable so you can easily rack it to change the weight... finally!
  • Weighs 15kg (33lbs)

What Are The Benefits Of An EZ Curl Bar?

  • Targets All Heads Of The Bicep: The multiple grip options allow you to hit all parts of your biceps – the top, middle, and lower sections creating the "mountain peak" bicep look.
  • Isolates The Bicep: Curl bars minimize stress on your wrists and forearms, letting your biceps do the heavy lifting for maximum results.
  • Less Reps, More Gains: Since you're isolating the biceps and removing other muscles from the equation, you can feel the burn with fewer reps, making your workouts more effective.
  • Bicep Development: Helps you sculpt fuller, more defined biceps over time.

Who Is The EZ Curl Bar For?

  • Folks Who Want Quick Results: If you're looking for fast gains, the EZ curl bar is here to help. You can feel the burn with fewer reps, which means you get results sooner.
  • People Who Want Balanced Arms: The EZ curl bar makes sure your biceps get all the attention, so if you want to balance out your arm muscles, this bar is your solution.
  • Bodybuilders: Biceps & Triceps are the bread and butter for all bodybuilders. If you plan on walking on stage for a bodybuilding competition, the EZ curl bar is your new best friend. It's specially designed to develop thicker and fuller biceps.

Finally... A Rackable Curl Bar!

Few Things Are Guaranteed In Life...

Few things are guaratneed in life, but getting a fuller looking bicep from using the EZ Curl Bar is one of them. If it wasn't, would every Mr. Olympia winner be using one consistently in their training?

Do it for a couple of weeks and those snake veins will start to pop out.

Do it for a couple of months and your friends will start to notice the changes.

Do it for a year and your arms will be unrecognizable.

Now look, we can't guratnee that you'll get more looks from the ladies after a couple of weeks of using this bad boy, but it definitely won't hurt your chances.

Curl Bars Vs. Normal Barbells

The cool thing about Curl Bars is that you actually see results faster than using a normall barbell. The curved design of the bar puts your hands at an angle that targets the long head of your bicep (which is the part you want to grow), so you get the most bang for your buck on each rep.

As we know, consistency is the most important factor when trying to acheive your goals.

Consistency separates the acheivers from the non-acheivers.

And the best way to stay consistent is to enjoy the process.

It's a lot easier to stay consistent with something you enjoy doing, right?

Well, this Bar is truely a JOY to lift on.

It feels just as good as it looks.

Buy it, use it, and see for yourself. If you hate it, you can tell us we suck and we'll give you a full refund.

The only regret you'll have is that you didn't buy it sooner.

We Stand Behind (and lift under) Our Products

Buy With Confidence with Our Lifetime Warranty - No Questions Asked Guarantee:

If for any reason you're not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it for a full refund. No questions asked!

You may wonder why we'd do this... it's simple. We don't sell anything we don't personally train and lift on every day. If you're not 100% RAVING about your new bar, let us know and we'll happily buy it back. Guaranteed.

Product Specs

  • Quantity: 1 - 33lb EZ Curl Bar by FringeSport
  • Weight: 33 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 1,000 pounds
  • Dimensions: Just under 6 feet long (70 3/4") and 2-inch diameter throughout entire bar.
  • Sleeve Dimensions: 9 inches long with 2 inch diameter.
  • Material: Powder Coated Steel with Gold Chrome Collars
  • Warranty: 1 year satisfaction guarantee.

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