PowerDotå¨ Muscle Stimulators


PowerDotå¨ Muscle Stimulators

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PowerDotå¨ is the world's smartest muscle recovery & performance tool. The Smart Muscle Stimulator connects via Bluetoothå¨ to an intuitive mobile app that controls 10+ muscle stimulation programs designed to help you:

  • Recover faster
  • Massage out knots
  • Avoid training fatigue
  • Relieve muscle & joint soreness
  • Increase muscle strength & endurance
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Warm up muscles to prevent injury
  • Feel your best

Clinically proven, pain-free, and FDA cleared - It's that simple.

What is Electric Muscle Stimulators?

Electric muscle stimulators are devices that send electrical impulses to your muscles to promote muscle contractions. Specifically NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) causes Type 1 (slow-twitch) & Type 2 (fast-twitch) muscle fibers to contract, and at different Hz levels can provide a number of benefits to both performance and recovery.

Electric muscle stimulators are meant to be paired with your training routines and workout programs to enhance performance and support recovery in between workouts or post workout. Electric muscle stimulation uses different Hertz ranges to activate specific muscle fibers, forcing them to contract. These contractions increase blood flow and nutrient distribution to recruit more muscle fibers, which helps the body recover faster, perform better, and reduces the risk of muscular injuries.

Product Contents and Specifications

  • Contents: 1 - Carrying Case, 1 - Muscle Stimulator (1 or 2 Pod, depending on your choise).
  • Color: Red or Black (depending on your choice) and Black Carrying Case
  • Warranty: 30 Days

Note: The PowerDot 2.0 UNO cannot be paired with a PowerDot 1.0 UNO

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