Weightlifting Technique Package


Weightlifting Technique Package

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By: OneFitWonder by FringeSport

Weightlifting Training Technique Set by OneFitWonder

There are a lot of benefits to bumper plates. They bounce (duh), they are standard width, and they position the bar at the correct height for the pull off the ground for deads, snatches, and cleans.

But sometimes an athlete can't execute the lifts competently at 55 or 65 pounds (bar + two 10 pound bumpers). This happens a lot with trainees for the Olympic Lifts.

So what's the solution?

An aluminum training bar and 5 pound technique plates. The aluminum bar weighs 15 pounds and the tech plates drop the total weight of the bar + plates to 25 pounds, and the bar is still positioned at the correct height for the first pull.

If you're trying to work on technique, or you are training people who need a lot of technique work, this bar and plate combo is essential.

We've put together a package deal on these.

Package Contents

1 Weightlifting Technique Package includes:

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