Reverse Hyperextension Machine by OneFitWonder

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By: OneFitWonder

What You Need To Know About the Reverse Hyperextension by OneFitWonder

The Reverse Hyper by OneFitWonder is used to strengthen the back and decompress the spine after heavy squating. It can also be used to teach you how to properly open up and extend your hips fully.

  • Handlebar adjusts in and out for comfort.
  • Plate Pegs on the sides make it easy to adjust the weight if you're working out with others or if you need to adjust the weight for yourself.

Package Contents and Specifications

1 Reverse Hyperextension Machine by OneFitWonder

  • Dimension: 4' length x 2' 6" width x 3' 9" height
  • Other Dimensions:
    • Belt: 3' x 4.5"
    • Handle: 7.5" x 22" at its widest and 16" at its narrowest
    • Padded Top: 26" x 31"
    • Plate Bar: 7"  wide with 2" diameter
  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Weight Capacity: 1,000lbs
  • Assembly Required
  • Bumper Plates Not Included

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