Rocktape Shin Skins II - Manifesto (Pair)


Rocktape Shin Skins II - Manifesto (Pair)

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By: RockTape

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What You Need To Know About Rocktape Shin Skins II

Shin Skins version II are designed to protect your shins from stress and discomfort during different activities such as oly lifting and rope climbs, and will even protect your precious shins from grass shrapnel when you mow your front lawn! The shin skins are constructed of a breathable 10-24 Lycra and hi-tech neoprene to give you all the protection you need without slowing you down.


  • Zipper on the bottom of the sleeve eases calf insertion
  • Foot straps keep the shin skins in place

Package Contents and Specifications

  • Contents: 2 - Rocktape Shin Skins (1 Pair)
  • Material: 50% 10-24 Lycra, 50% hi-tech neoprene
  • Origin: China
  • Warranty:year through Rocktape, against defects and premature failure from date of purchase.


Shin skins come in two sizes: S/M and L/XL

  • S/M are designed for calves smaller than 15"
  • L/XL are designed for calves larger than 15"

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