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Introducing Steve’s Paleo Goods

We all want to be healthy and Steve’s Paleo Goods are taking snacks to a new level. Steve started his company while believing children should have a paleo snack to be able to take to school, and be able to snack responsibly. Since then the company and the paleo movement has made huge strides to becoming one of the most popular diets in the workout community. Want to snack with a good conscious? Check out the flavors we are currently carrying.

Meet The Flavors of Paleo Snack Heaven

  • Original PaleoKit: A portable pre-packaged healthy mix of nitrate-free, free-ranged beef jerky, raw nuts and dried fruit. 
  • Apple PaleoKit: A portable pre-packaged combination of dried apples, pecans, almonds, and jerky.
  • Dried Apples: Add the perfect snack to your meal preps. No sulfates or preservatives. These dried apples are the natural, easy, fiber-rich way to boost the carb count of your next meal or snack. 
  • Dried Mangos: The dried mango you can’t resist. No sulfates or preservatives. With the resalable bag they make the perfect snack to keep on your desk at work. 
  • Berky, Berries, & Jerky AKA Berky: Berky is the perfect snack to prove to everyone that snacking can be healthy and good. Filled with a mix of berries and beef jerky is gluten-free, soy free, nirtrate-free, nut-free, and MSG-free.


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