Strike Movement Interval 3 Cross Trainer Shoes


Strike Movement Interval 3 Cross Trainer Shoes


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What You Need to Know About Strike Cross Trainer Shoes

FringeSport is excited to announce that we have partnered up with STR/KE MVMNT.

Athletic Shoes For Everyone:

The Interval is central to STR/KE MVMNTs design philosophy of merging technical performance with a classic aesthetic to achieve a new athletic standard.This season we have refined the design by introducing a breathable dimensional mesh to the material story, enhancing performance while decreasing the shoes overall weight.

Why You Need These Shoes

These shoes are made for everyone and that's why we carry them. Check out why we love our strike movement shoes.

  • Stable platform technology.
  • Minimal 3.9mm heel drop.
  • Wide forefoot allows foot to expand on strike.
  • Honed rubber inlays provide predictable all weather grip.
  • Low stack height.
  • Zero void heel.

Product Review: Strike Cross Trainer Shoes

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