Mercury Push Pull Sled (948630454319)
Mercury Push Pull Sled (948630454319)
Mercury Push Pull Sled (948630454319)
Mercury Push Pull Sled (948630454319)

Mercury Push Pull Sled

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Our Mercury Push Pull sled will have you trained up to be the fleet-footed messenger of the gods in a flash.

Not coincidentally, Mercury also acted as the god of everything that required skill and dexterity.

Ready to push yourself to the next level of athletic prowess?

We don't promise that our Mercury sled will have you sporting golden sandals with wings that enable you to fly.

We do promise you're going to love this sled as it will have you feeling like an NFL linebacker in training camp.

Here's why you'll be sacking your goals in no time.


The Mercury Sled will improve your athletic performance, and make your legs the envy of town. Feel yourself in the express lane of life as you move faster than the herd of slow streamers on escalators, and maybe even elevators too.

  • Multi-surface VersatilityDesigned to be pushed on horse stall/gym mats and works even better on grass and Astroturf. Works just as well on concrete and asphalt. Performs equally well indoors and outdoors.
  • Heavy Duty All-Around Solution: Sled and skids laser cut out of a single piece of super beefy, .25" thick steel plate eliminates welds.
  • Durability: Lack of welds improves longevity and makes for years of reliable use like a Caterpillar dump truck.
  • Ready to Use Out of Box: No welds also means virtually no assembly required. Simply put posts into inserts and you're off to the races.
  • Silk Slide: Industrial grade, UHMW plastic skids provide smooth sliding on a variety of surfaces and easy replacement without ever wearing down steel skids.
  • Worry-Free: UHMW skids protect surfaces from cuts, scrapes, scratches, and damage.
  • Lighter: Mercury wing cut-outs designed to lighten sled's weight, allowing more load control without compromising durability.
  • Easy to Store and Transport: Posts easily pop and center post screws out, leaving slender, less than 5" profile from bottom of skids to top of post inserts. Can be slid under something or put in a car trunk with ease.
  • Laser Cut Attachment Inlet: Hole cut out of steel plate allows for easy attachment of carabiner, strap(s) and harness.


As you push our Mercury sled, imagining you're the middle linebacker on your favorite NFL team blasting through the A gap on a blitz, you'll find that the sled slides and glides with surprising smoothness.

You'll be singing the praises of Mercury in no time, and no longer wonder why he was also the god of commerce, travelers and goods transporters. You'll be moving heavy loads at top speed, and hitting goal peaks post-haste.

Those heavy loads might even be a workout partner or someone else looking to hop on for a ride. Some events and competitions have featured partner sled races with one partner sitting onboard the sled, holding the center post, while the other pushes. Just like the Electric Slide is always more fun with a partner or group, so is a quality sledding session.


Designed with our signature black matte powder coated steel, the Mercury Push Pull Sled's elegant yet rugged look will make you more than content to add this to your training arsenal.

Outfitted with a screw-in center post to load bumper plates onto, and 4 removable handle inserts to suit your training preferences, you'll be more slip 'n' slide than tough sledding.

If your commute in life is too long so to speak, try our Mercury Sled and cut it down to size.


1 - Push/Pull Sled


80 lb

Weight Capacity

1,000 lb

Full Dimensions

36 1/4" L x 24 3/4" W x 21" H


38" H, 1 3/4" diameter

Center Weight Pole Dimensions

18" H, 1 3/4" diameter; screw-in/out


.25" steel plate with UHMW skids


1 Year

Product ID



Decision not flying out of the starting blocks?

Having trouble understanding the difference between a sled and a Prowler, or which one is best for you?

Want to know how to train with your new sled?

Here's a helpful resource to address the issue.

Required By California Law - WARNING: This product may have materials, which are known to the State Of California, that can cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, California Prop 65:

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