Weightlifting Platform


Weightlifting Platform

By: Fringe Sport

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Why You Need A Weightlifting Platform

A weightlifting platform is an essential piece of equipment for your garage gym. If you're doing Olympic lifts and dead-lifting with heavy weights, you will want to protect your floor, your equipment, and yourself with a proper weightlifting platform.

  • Constructed with rubber mats and bamboo boards, this platform can withstand heavy lifts overtime.
  • The rubber mats not only protect your floor but deaden the sound and impact of the weight hitting the floor.
  • The bamboo board insert is there to give you a firm footing during lifts.
  • You can use a small squat rack or jerk blocks on top.
  • There are four rods on all four corners of the platform to attach strength bands for training. Lifts get progressively harder through the range of motion. Use different band resistances if you're wanting to improve explosiveness or acceleration coming out of the hole. The platform must be fixed firmly to the ground to use.

Package Contents and Specifications

1 - Weightlifting Platform by Fringe Sport

  • Assembly Required - Instructions Included
  • Dimensions: 8' 5" x 6' 8.5"
  • Bamboo Insert: 3' 3" x 6' 8.5"
  • Elastic Band Fixed Rod: 15.5" Long with 11" Usable Band Area
  • Material: Rubber Mats, Bamboo Boards, and Steel accessories.

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