Wood Gymnastic Rings by Bomba


Wood Gymnastic Rings by Bomba

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By: Bomba Gear

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American Made Wood Gymnastics Rings

Bomba Gear's American-made, hand-crafted wood gymnastic rings are the absolute best rings on the market for strength and conditioning at any level. They were designed, athlete-tested and refined several times over until all aspects were absolutely perfect. From the just-right diameter to the ultra-smooth finish to the guarantee that they will outlast you, Bomba wooden gymnastic rings are the right choice.


  • Passionately and carefully crafted in Austin, TX
  • Hand-sanded in a triple step process for the absolute smoothest ring and best grip
  • Perfect diameter to fit any hand size, male or female (30mm)
  • Incredibly strong Baltic Birch capable of handling over 1,000 lbs
  • Simple motorcycle cam-buckle for super fast set up and adjustment
  • Guaranteed to outlast you, no matter what you do with them

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Package Contents and Specifications

2 - Bomba Wood Gymnastic Rings
  • Weight: 2lb
  • Diameter: 30mm
  • Material: Baltic Birch
  • Origin: USA


15' Adjustable (If Chosen)
2 - Adjustable Straps
  • Color: Black
  • Total Length: 15'
  • Maximum Hanging Distance: 7'
  • Width: 1.5"
  • Material: Polyester
  • Breaking Strength: 3800 lbs
  • Origin: China
Motorcycle Cam Buckle (attached to straps)
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Breaking Strength: 1200 lbs
  • Origin: China
6' Fixed (If Chosen)
2 - Fixed Straps
  • Color: Black
  • Total Length: 6'
  • Hanging Distance: 2.5'
  • Width: 1"
  • Material: Polyester
  • Breaking Strength: 3800 lbs
  • Origin: USA


More information

Bomba leveraged all of their knowledge about athletes to create a set of gymnastic rings that would satisfy their every desire. From the material choice to the thickness, texture and strength, these rings were designed completely for functional fitness in the USA and produced right here in the USA as well. These rings are incredibly strong and feel so good that you will never want to get off them.

The Adjustable straps that we offer with these rings are 15' of stronger-than-you-will-need black polyester webbing and a motorcycle cam buckle. This gives you just over 7' of working distance and fast adjustment that allows you to string together every movement and set-up you want with minimal down time. Throw these straps over a pull-up bar, tree branch, or anything else relatively horizontal and you have a full upper-body gym at your disposal.

The Fixed straps are 6' of the same high-strength polyester sewn in a single loop that gives you the absolute fastest, easiest set-up on the market. These will hang at 2.5' below your pull-up bar, which is the perfect length for dips and rows on a standard-height home bar. Put your feet on a Plyo-box on you can throw push-ups in there also! Mainly use your rings for dips at home or at the gym? These can get your rings from out of the bag onto your pull-up bar in less than 30 seconds and they are the same height every time.

Why choose Bomba Wooden Gymnastic Rings?

Gymnastic rings come in a variety of different materials and styles; here's why your next pair should be Bomba:

  • Wood - These are made with incredibly strong Baltic birch which is CNC'd and sanded to exact specifications to ensure the least variance and highest quality product.
  • Texture - The feel of Bomba's wood gymnastic rings is something that cannot really be described except that it is so much more pleasant than anything else. It is great with or without chalk and simply feels natural and as if it were meant to be.
  • Portability - By using baltic birch, Bomba Gear was able to create rings that were even lighter than plastic, which makes these the ultimate travel companions no matter where you go.
  • Straps - All the straps that we pair with Bomba gymnastic rings are made out of high strength polyester designed not to mildew or weaken in any condition, even after repeated outdoor use. The breaking strength exceeds 3000 pounds and is more than enough for any workout.
  • Strength and Durability - Don't let the price fool you; these rings are built to last and withstand the toughest WODs or your money back.

How can you choose the gymnastic ring set that is right for you?

Gymnastic rings are sold in many different materials, each with its own benefits and shortcomings. Here are the brief highlights about each material:

PVC gymnastic rings are the lowest price and can actually be made at home. They are not a complete ring/circle and as such tend to lose form and are less durable than the other materials.

Plastic gymnastics rings are very reasonably priced, only slightly more expensive than PVC. Even so, they are many times more durable and stronger than PVC. They are a complete ring (and thus have the natural strength of the circle) and can be texturized in many different ways. They tend to be very lightweight and with all these benefits at such a low cost, are the best value in our opinion.

Steel gymnastic rings are much more durable and stronger still than plastic but this comes at a much higher price. They are also complete rings and do tend to need chalk or tape otherwise they will rip up your hands.

Wood gymnastics rings tend to offer the best features. They are the lightest, have a good texture that doesn't need chalk, are still very durable and strong, and they are a complete circle, of course. However, these features usually come at an even higher cost still, a factor that puts them out of reach of most people's budgets. These OneFitWonder rings, however, are the most affordable wood rings on the market and in our opinion the best workout rings available.

Why gymnastics rings?

These tools have been used by gymnasts for years for performance and exercise purposes without much notice by the general public. Recently however they have been discovered, so to speak, as the amazingly effective strength training that they are. They add movement and instability to each exercise, causing all of your muscles to engage more vigorously than usual. Ever wonder how gymnasts are so ripped? Yes they spend endless hours training, but their methods are also so much more efficient. To top it all off, the rings are relatively low cost and extremely portable!

What exercises can you do with gymnastic rings?

  • Push-Ups
  • Pull-Ups
  • Dips
  • Rows
  • Muscle-Ups
  • And many more!

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