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Why To Use Our Premium Kettlebells by OneFitWonder


OneFitWonder Premium Kettlebells were carefully crafted to give you 90% of the features and benefits of the highest quality kettle bell Ketton the market at a price that you can afford. This makes them the perfect tool for every athlete, regardless of whether you are a kettlebell connoisseur or you think they are simply a hunk of iron. 


  • Custom textured finish that provides superior grip without hurting your hands
  • Wide handle that fits two hands well for kettlebell swings
  • Perfect handle thickness for most athletes (not too thick or thin)
  • Tough, durable finish that takes abuse
  • Well-designed bell shape that sits perfectly in the rack & at the top of a snatch
  • Guaranteed accurate weights in kilograms
  • Completely flat bottoms for renegade rows, handstands + more!
  • Seamless one-piece casting

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Package Contents and Specifications

1 OFW Premium Kettlebell
- Weight: 4-48kg Each; Material: Cast Iron; Origin: China

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