Warranty Policy

We take pride in the equipment we offer you so our warranty covers flaws in workmanship and materials that occur during normal use.

You chose Fringe because not only are we AWESOME – but we have the best equipment for the best price, right? And you know you never want to change out your gear because you picked out the best stuff on the site!

BUT– the unthinkable happened….. the bar bent …. the bumpers buckled ….. the rack rusted …. the Immortal turned mortal……


NOW – you’re covered by our warranty. And, while we know that legal mumbo-jumbo is a pain in the butt to read, it’s necessary for all of us.

So let’s jump in and make the mumbo less jumbo and explain what our warranty covers and what it doesn’t – as painless as possible, and with as much fun as we can find!

READY? Hang on – here we go down the warranty rabbit hole.

WHO is covered – the original purchaser of the product. You can’t sell it, trade it, eat it or cover it in chocolate. But as long as you keep the gear, you keep the warranty.

WHEN does the warranty end – In general, all of our products have a one year warranty. A few products have less – some have more – and you can always find out the details on the product page on the website. PLUS, as a bonus, you can refer to the really cool table below for an overview of warranty info on our most popular products (we told you we want to make it easy!)

WHAT does the warranty cover- well obviously, we do have to have some rules, right? That’s the smelly part of the business. But, we want to make it the least smelly possible, so let’s jump in.

If a product that you receive has a defect, that is absolutely covered. A few examples to make it easy?

  • You get the squat rack in the mail and all the hardware is missing – COVERED.
  • Your black bumper set arrives via UPS but you notice one of the metal rings is loose – COVERED.
  • The kettlebell you always wanted arrived but it has a huge nick in the handle that cuts your hand – COVERED.
  • If an item has a manufacturer’s defect, or if there is a problem that occurs after normal use...you guessed it will be COVERED.

Within the first 30 days, if you decide that you don’t want the item that you ordered, if things change, if it doesn’t match your eyes, or your dog considers it a threat and attacks it every day, then we an send you a return label and have you ship the item back to us for free.

Within in a year, for most of our items, we can still work with you on a warranty exchange. Did you have a bumper blowout? We can send you a new bumper at no charge. Did your resistance band break? A new one will be on its way to you before you can sneeze. Did your weight vest spring a leak? You can get a new vest immediately. Of course, any issues you have should be under normal use and circumstances. If you let Godzilla use your gear and he wrecks it – that might be another discussion altogether!

WHAT does the warranty NOT cover - that is another smelly part of the business but we do have to let you know there are some things our warranty might not cover with your gear. Such as:

  • Items that experience wear as a result of normal use – like a hoodie that wears out or loses its tie, or shorts that rip at the seam or shoes that have soles th mess up.
  • Damage through improper use, negligence, abuse, misuse, acts of nature, or accident, including failure to perform routine maintenance or follow the assembly and/or operating instructions supplied with the product. If you decide the screws aren’t needed when you assemble the rack or you don’t clean your bar periodically or you even decide you don’t need to care for the dumbbells you buy – well, then, we probably aren’t going to be able to help you if you aren’t helping yourself!
  • Products that have been modified or repaired. We’re fine if you wanna pump up your gear once you get it and unpack it -but if it changes the structure or the overall appearance of the items – well that’s all you, dude!

HOW can you get your products taken care of If you need to use our warranty? Well now THAT is the easy part. All you have to do is contact Customer Service.   If it’s so easy – how do I do it?? Again, it’s as easy as dropping the 10s – you call us at 512-201-4404, you can send us an email to team@fringesport.com or you can even use our chat feature on the website to talk with any of our customer service heroes. They will be happy to work with you to fix any problem that might crop up – nothing is too hard for them!

Check out the handy dandy table below to see an overview of the most popular items on the site with their warranty info below – this is the ultimate in quick reference guides for the Fringe Fam of Customers!

Product Category

Warranty Term

Bumper Plates by Fringe Sport

3 Years for the 25, 35, 45, and 55lb Pairs, 1 Year for the 10 and 15lb Pairs.

Squat Racks

1 Year


Lifetime against manufacturers defects.

Kettlebells by Fringe Sport

1 Year

Sandbag Trainers & Fillers

1 Year

Immortal Wall Balls by Fringe Sport


Medicine Balls by Fringe Sport

1 Year

Slam Balls by Fringe Sport

1 Year