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What You Need To Know About OneFitWonder Bumper Plates

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OneFitWonder Black bumper plates are manufactured to go toe to toe with any bumper plate on the market. They are constructed with virgin rubber formulated specifically for its durability, density and low bounce. Most importantly, they go through the most customer-focused manufacturing, quality control and shipping process in the industry so you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality plates with and we are taking the utmost care to ensure they arrive to you in pristine condition!

  • Full year warranty on ALL plates, with FREE returns
  • Extremely durable, will last for years in a garage or affiliate
  • Expertly designed stainless steel insert that remains firmly seated
  • Higher density means thinner bumpers and you can fit more weight on the bar
  • Weight Tolerance +/- 10 grams of declared weight
  • Low, dead bounce makes these safe in tight spaces
  • Plates are in pounds - input weight breakdown in comments on cart page

Package Contents

OneFitWonder Bumper Plates

  • Color: Black
  • Weight: Choose custom size assortment on cart page
  • Made in China
  • Material: Recycled Rubber

Why Choose OneFitWonder Bumper Plates?

Not all bumpers are created equal. Here's why your next bumper plates should be OFW bumpers:

  • OneFitWonder OFW bumper plates feature a steel insert that is designed to far outperform the brass bumpers used by the competition. A steel insert will take much more abuse without malforming- and it is machined to exact tolerances to fit all high-quality olympic bars.
  • OneFitWonder OFW bumpers use a rubber formulation that combines the ideal mix of a low bounce with high durability. Some bumper plates bounce too much- they are potentially unsafe. Other bumpers are too brittle- and they easily chip and fall apart. Not OneFitWonder OFW bumper plates!
  • OneFitWonder OFW bumpers 10 and 15 pound bumpers are more stable because they have a high durabilty, "hooked" steel insert. This makes them more stable than most 10 or 15 pound bumpers- which are the most fragile bumper plates due to their thin-ness.
  • OneFitWonder OFW bumpers are thinner than many of the competing bumpers- so you can load more weight on your bar!
  • OneFitWonder OFW bumpers all have the same standard diameter- you can mix and match to load your bar.
  • Finally, OneFitWonder OFW bumper plates are backed by our no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee- plus a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. Use them and love them- or send them back free!

More Information About Bumper Plates

How can I choose the bumper plates that are right for me?

Bumper plates come in a few standard sizes, and are generally sold in pounds or kilograms. OneFitWonder OFW economy bumpers are sold by the pound. Here is a chart with rough pound and kilogram weights:

Bumper Weight
Best Size For:
10 lbs ~ 5 kg Teaching Olympic lifts and for women or teenagers
15 lbs ~ 7 kg Same uses as the 10s, but this offers greater durability at only a slightly heavier weight
25 lbs ~ 11 kg A Very popular weight as they are very durable and throwing these on an Oly bar gives you 95 pounds (Fran Rx)
35 lbs ~ 16 kg A great size for adding more weight on the bar
45 lbs ~ 20 kg The most popular size for gyms- 45's really let you load up your bar and make some serious strength gains

What is a bumper plate?

A bumper plate is a weight plate for Olympic bars that is made almost entirely of rubber (with a steel or brass collar in the middle that accepts an Olympic bar).

Why bumper plates?

The "end state" of the Olympic lifts is overhead or at the shoulder. Many lifters drop the weights from overhead. Since bumper plates are almost entirely rubber, being dumped from the shoulder or overhead will not damage the weights, bar, floor, bystanders, the lifter, etc...

Bumper plates are also great for garage gym use- the rubber construction is much quieter than traditional metal construction.

What exercises can I do with bumper plates?

  • Snatch
  • Clean and Jerk
  • Press
  • Thruster
  • Deadlift
  • Squat
  • Bench
  • Overhead lunge
  • And even more!

Frequently Asked Questions

    • How wide are these bumpers?

      • 45's are 2.9'', 35's are 2.35'', 25's are 1.87'' 15's are 1.2'', and the 10's are 1.05''

    • What is the durometer reading on these bumpers?

      • The 10 and 15 pound bumper plates are 90 shA; the 23,35,45, and 55 pound bumpers are 85 shA

    • What does durometer mean?

      • Durometer is a measure of hardness of a material. It ranges from 0-100, and the higher the rating the harder the material, and the higher the material's resistance to indentation. Anything above 65 is acceptable for bumper plates. Our plates are considered to be excellent.

    • Why do different weight bumper plates have different durometer readings?

      • In general, the lighter bumper plates have a higher durometer reading because they need to be more rigid to withstand the stress of being dropped. Heavier plates have more surface area to distribute the stress, so they do not need to be as hard.

    • What is the diameter of these bumpers?

      • Most OneFitWonder bumper plates are the IWF standard 450mm (~17.7") width in diameter
      • The ten pound OneFitWonder bumpers are 445mm (17.5") in diameter
    • What? Why are the ten pound bumpers narrower than all the rest?

      • The ten pound bumper plates are purposefully 5mm narrower than the other bumper plates so that when you have 10's loaded on the bar, plus other bumpers, the 10 pound plates impact the ground a split second later than the other bumpers. Since the 10 pound plates have the least surface area and are thus the weakest bumpers, this saves stress on your 10 pounders!
    • My bumpers smell. Do you carry bumpers that don't smell?

      • Sometimes the bumpers smell due to the way that they are made. It isn't permanent. The best remedy is to let them air out in the sun for about 5 days.

    • My bumpers are greasy? How can I get the grease off?

      • The bumpers are greased as a part of the manufacturing process. Sometimes the factory doesn't clean the plates well enough. Here's what we do to de-grease these bad boys:

        • We wash the bumpers about 3 times, with paper towels, soap, and water. If that doesn't work, then we use a de-greaser spray that can be purchased at a local home improvement store.

    • Can I drop the 10 pound bumpers like I see my favorite athletes do?

      • Drop away. Our 10 pound bumper plates can handle the abuse, and they are backed by the best warranty in the business to prove it!

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