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Econ Push Sled (Prowler)
Econ Push Sled (Prowler) $179 & FREE Shipping
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20kg Men's Wonder Bar Olympic Barbell
20kg Men's Wonder Bar Olympic Barbell $199 - $219 & FREE Shipping
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Black Bumper Plate Sets
Black Bumper Plate Sets $199 - $749 & FREE Shipping
Up to 20% Off
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Squat Rack with Pullup Bar
Squat Rack with Pullup Bar $429 & FREE Shipping
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New Equipment

Fringe Sport Color Competition Bumper Plates
Color Competition Bumper Plates $143 - $782 & FREE Shipping
Up to 10% Off
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Wall ball with Fringe Sport logo
Immortal Wall Ball $79 - $129 & FREE Shipping
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Skull kettlebell front
Hell's Bells: Premium Kettlebells $89 & FREE Shipping
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Black training competition plate kilos garage stack
Black Training Competition Plates - Kilos $116 - $692 & FREE Shipping
Up to 10% Off
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Black training competition plates garage stack
Black Training Competition Plates - Pounds $134 - $719 & FREE Shipping
Up to 10% Off
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rope anchor angle
Battle Rope Anchor $39 & FREE Shipping
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short handle speed rope
Short Handle Speed Rope $10 & FREE Shipping
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Bar + Black (KG) Competition Bumper Sets
Bar + Black (KG) Competition Bumper Sets $863 - $1,107 & FREE Shipping
Up to 8% Off
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short axle bar with logo
Short Axle Barbell $99 & FREE Shipping
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vertical 9 barbell holder front
Vertical 9 Barbell Holder $149 & FREE Shipping
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parallette pair
Mega Grip Parallettes $189 & FREE Shipping
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rope hanger angle view
Battle Rope Hanger $45 & FREE Shipping
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rolling chalk bowl
Rolling Chalk Bowl $199 & FREE Shipping
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FringeSport is the official supplier to the garage gym functional fitness movement. We serve the lifter, the WODder, and any individual with a burning desire to be better tomorrow than they are today. But most importantly, we serve you - our customers - because we understand you have options. Our mission is to make sure that when you choose us once, you keep coming back!

How we make your life easier:

  • Customers first - always.
    All the products we offer come with an industry-leading 365-day guarantee. Yes, you read it right: if, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, return it to us within 365 for a full – no drama – refund. We even reimburse you the cost of having the product sent back to us for the first 30 days. We stand behind every sale and every customer – simple!
  • Your pain is our pain.
    We take your time seriously. If you have a problem, we have a problem. Then we solve it fast, with common sense and again- no drama.
  • If we don't use it, we don't sell it.
    Every member of the team is a committed and active WOD-aholic. We test and use all the gear on the market- our gear, competitors' gear, and more. We sell the best. If we can't get it, we build it ourselves.


How to Maximize Your Workout Effectiveness

June 15, 2018

Famous scientist Nikola Tesla once said: ‘Our virtues and our failings are inseparable, like force and matter. When they separate, man is no more’. Translated to fitness, this means that both your good days and your bad days at the gym will pay off in the end. Be assured that every drop of sweat counts. Besides, having bad days is perfectly normal. Even the greatest athletes know that their defeats play an important role in their improvement. This is how Roger Federer, arguably world’s best tennis player of all time, reflected on his tough days at work: "When you're young, it's very important to have that drive — even when you're defeated — to go back and hit up against...

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WOD of the Week: Partner Squats

June 09, 2018

This week's workout is from @xfitconnections. They didn't tag us in their post, but this seemed like a great workout you could do with a partner or, for those lonely hearts out there, a 100lb Medicine Ball. 📣Okay ladies pick a partner and give it a try🤼‍♂️🤼‍♀️ Tag a friend who will try it! Follow us @xfitconnections #xfitconnections #livesore #crossfit #gymlife #fitfam A post shared by x FITNESS CONNECTIONS (@xfitconnections) on May 9, 2018 at 10:15am PDT What You'll Need A partner that you'll be willing (and able) to lift or 100lb Medicine Ball The Workout: 5x5 Each - Taking turns squatting with your partner or 100lb Med Ball

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5 Fun and Healthy Ways to Lose Weight

June 08, 2018

5 Fun and Healthy Ways to Lose Weight   Weight problems have become a serious issue on the global level. Many countries started working on programs that would help their population fight this vicious condition. Between years 1980 and 2015, the numbers show that 107.7 million children and 603.7 million adults were obese. This data is based on the Global Burden of Disease study and involved 195 countries. However, in the past decade, the trends have changed drastically and people are taking more care of themselves. One of the reasons may be the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, from food to activity, while other warnings from healthcare institutions include increased cases of cardiovascular diseases, cancers and muscular disorders.  Losing weight...

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