Popular Gym Equipment

Econ Push Sled (Prowler)
Econ Push Sled (Prowler) Sold Out - $159 & FREE Shipping
Up to 11% Off
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Wonder bar
20kg Men's Wonder Bar Olympic Barbell $199 - $219 & FREE Shipping
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Black Bumper Plate Sets
Black Bumper Plate Sets $199 - $749 & FREE Shipping
Up to 20% Off
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Squat Rack with Pullup Bar
Squat Rack with Pullup Bar $429 & FREE Shipping
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New Equipment

300lb Bar + Weight Set
300lb Bar + Weight Set $645 - $685 & FREE Shipping
Up to 14% Off
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Pro-Lift Incline Bench
Pro-Lift Incline Bench $399 & FREE Shipping
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Ultimate Kid's Gym Starter Package
Ultimate Kid's Gym Starter Package Sold Out - $579 & FREE Shipping
Up to 12% Off
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Flat Bench
Flat Bench $219 & FREE Shipping
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6-Digit Timer Remote
6-Digit Timer Remote $19 & FREE Shipping
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Commercial Glute Ham Developer Pro
Commercial Glute Ham Developer Pro $699 & FREE Shipping
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Loadable Dumbbell
Loadable Dumbbell $119 & FREE Shipping
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Tactical Weight Vest
Tactical Weight Vest $199 - $219 & FREE Shipping
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Garage Series Squat Cage
Garage Series Squat Cage $399 & FREE Shipping
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Floor Mounted Power Rack/"Kip" Cage
Floor Mounted Power Rack/"Kip" Cage $649 & FREE Shipping
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Kid's Squat Rack
Kid's Squat Rack $169 & FREE Shipping
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post land mine
Bumper Post Landmine $49 & FREE Shipping
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Commercial Glute-Ham-Developer (Econ)
Commercial Glute-Ham-Developer (Econ) $899 & FREE Shipping
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prime kettlebell light blue
Prime Kettlebells by Fringe Sport $26 - $170 & FREE Shipping
Up to 10% Off
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Medicine Ball Rack
Medicine Ball Rack $95 & FREE Shipping
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Camber Bar
Camber Bar $369 & FREE Shipping
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FringeSport is the official supplier to the garage gym functional fitness movement. We serve the lifter, the WODder, and any individual with a burning desire to be better tomorrow than they are today. But most importantly, we serve you - our customers - because we understand you have options. Our mission is to make sure that when you choose us once, you keep coming back!

How we make your life easier:

  • Customers first - always.
    All the products we offer come with an industry-leading 365-day guarantee. Yes, you read it right: if, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, return it to us within 365 for a full – no drama – refund. We even reimburse you the cost of having the product sent back to us for the first 30 days. We stand behind every sale and every customer – simple!
  • Your pain is our pain.
    We take your time seriously. If you have a problem, we have a problem. Then we solve it fast, with common sense and again- no drama.
  • If we don't use it, we don't sell it.
    Every member of the team is a committed and active WOD-aholic. We test and use all the gear on the market- our gear, competitors' gear, and more. We sell the best. If we can't get it, we build it ourselves.


57% Blame Office Jobs for Sedentary Lifestyle Health Risks

September 21, 2018

57% Blame Office Jobs for Sedentary Lifestyle Health Risks We sit in our cars. We sit at our desks. We sit on trains. We sit on planes. We sit on the couch. We sit in waiting rooms. We sit in meetings. We sit in movie theaters. We sit in bars. We sit in coffee shops. We sit in class. We sit in church. Why don’t you sit down before I tell you something. This may not sit well with you, but we can’t sit on our hands anymore. We can’t sit idly by. But please feel free to pay for a front or exit row seat. So sit up and take notice! Ugh. It’s no wonder why we call a...

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Body Transformation Success; Everybody Fit In

September 20, 2018

We love our body transformation success stories here at Fringe. We love celebrating and sharing the success of those transformations even more! We want to give a public high 5 to all of you who have worked so hard, struggled, endured, sacrificed and disciplined themselves to achieve their goals and improve their lives. It doesn't matter what you're shaped like: an eggplant, cucumber, celery, potato, carrot, banana, cantaloupe, pear, peach or whatever. EVERY BODY FIT IN.You ALL fit in. You fit in because you make the effort to get fit.  Like Andy from Shawshank Redemption said, "Get busy living or get busy dying."  The best way to get busy living starts at the gym. Whether you want to fit in a new pair of pants or a...

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The Esports Secret Weapon Making Pros Unbeatable

September 20, 2018

Hurricane season- the only thing blowing up more than esports now. Esports teeters on the verge of rocking like a hurricane as it grows at phenomenal speed. It’s predicted to have 300 million viewers by 2022, challenging the iron grip of the NFL on sporting viewership, while being considered as an Olympic sport. More people watched esports in 2017 than all regular season NFL games combined.  New, state-of-the-art esports facilities are sprouting up, including one right here in Texas. Traditional sports and esports are merging; take the purchases of top esports teams by the Golden State Warriors and New England Patriots. As the two worlds collide, gamers are now regarded as legit athletes, who have physical training requirements, strength training...

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