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FringeSport is the official supplier to the garage gym functional fitness movement. We serve the lifter, the WODder, and any individual with a burning desire to be better tomorrow than they are today. But most importantly, we serve you - our customers - because we understand you have options. Our mission is to make sure that when you choose us once, you keep coming back!

How we make your life easier:

  • Customers first - always.
    All the products we offer come with an industry-leading 365-day guarantee. Yes, you read it right: if, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, return it to us within 365 for a full – no drama – refund. We even reimburse you the cost of having the product sent back to us for the first 30 days. We stand behind every sale and every customer – simple!
  • Your pain is our pain.
    We take your time seriously. If you have a problem, we have a problem. Then we solve it fast, with common sense and again- no drama.
  • If we don't use it, we don't sell it.
    Every member of the team is a committed and active WOD-aholic. We test and use all the gear on the market- our gear, competitors' gear, and more. We sell the best. If we can't get it, we build it ourselves.


Enter the Katana - A Mace Shaped Like Japanese Samurai Sword!

June 17, 2020

Recently Fringe Sport announced a new product line - the Sword Mace. The 5lb model is shaped like a samurai sword/katana. I purchased the Sword Mace excited but not sure what to expect. When it arrived, I put the Sword Mace to the ultimate test - martial arts sword training. Specifically, I was eager to compare the Sword Mace to my own martial arts training weapons and a real custom-built katana I hold black belts in multiple martial arts. My hands have held a sword in hand for many grueling hours of training. I am also a Crossfit athlete. My observations are coming from this point of view. The observations below are my own.The ComparisonIn the picture below are two...

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FringeFam - Meet Jason

June 10, 2020

My name is... Jason Inoue My role at FringeSport is... Operations Manager My favorite thing about working for FringeSport... The team is awesome, we truly believe in improving lives through strength, everyday is a new challenge and we have an amazing free gym. My training style is... Strength biased and sport specific.  I train mostly powerlifting, olympic lifting and sport specific training for Brazilian jiu jitsu.  Some weeks I train five days a week, other weeks I may be lucky to train once, it just depends on life at that moment and how my body is feeling.   My strength/fitness level is... Dad Bod...just kidding...I can win or place in powerlifting meets, same for jiu jitsu tournaments and I can also compete...

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FringeFam - Meet Nick

June 08, 2020

My name is... Nick Aguilar My role at FringeSport is... My primary role at Fringe Sport is Business Development in Outside Sales. My favorite thing about working for FringeSport... My favorite thing about working for Fringe Sport,.....the culture and my teammates. My training style is... I love all training styles but in order of priority it would be powerlifting (USPA), strongman, bodybuilding, and some cross training. My strength/fitness level is... My fitness level is above average as I’ve been training for the last ten years and my strength level ok. SBD: 501lb, 325lb, and 550lb. My fitness/strength goals are... My goals have always been to all be better than the day before, or the previous training cycle at least. I...

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