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donut bumper plate
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Squat Cage - Garage Series
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Savage Bumper Plate Sets
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Savage Bumper Plate (Pairs)
Savage Bumper Plate (Pairs) $79 - $239 & FREE Shipping
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Liftopus Weightlifting Shoes
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Tropical Weightlifting Belt
Tropical Weightlifting Belt $35 & FREE Shipping
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Color Competition Bumper Plates - Kilos
Color Competition Bumper Plates - Kilos $169 - $949 & FREE Shipping
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Longhorn Buffalo Bar
Longhorn Buffalo Bar $399 & FREE Shipping
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20 kg Lone Star Power Bar
20 kg Lone Star Power Bar $369 & FREE Shipping
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Stretching / Mobility Set
Stretching / Mobility Set $37 - $46 & FREE Shipping
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Leather Weightlifting Belt
Leather Weightlifting Belt $65 - $75 & FREE Shipping
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Weight Plate Dog Chew Toy
Weight Plate Dog Chew Toy $15 & FREE Shipping
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CeraColt with endcap
20kg Men's Cerakote Olympic Barbell- The CeraColt $369 & FREE Shipping
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Bag of Crap
Bag of Crap Sold Out - $25 & FREE Shipping
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Workout of the Week: 20.1 Open Workout

October 11, 2019

Open Workout 20.1 This is the first workout for The 2020 Open. We have the Rx weight for Men and Women below. If you want to participate but not compete you can do the weights listed below or a scaled or modified version. You have until the Monday (10/14) after the workout announcement at 5 pm PT to submit your score. Get more details on submitting your score or demos on the movements: open.crossfit.com What You'll Need Sold out Sold out The Workout 10 rounds for time of (Women / Men Rx) 8 ground-to-overheads (65/95lb) 10 bar-facing burpees Time cap: 15 minutes

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DIY Space | Battle Ropes in 4 Steps Or Less

October 09, 2019

As I explained previously, I am just beginning my fitness journey. Something I recently learned and have tried to share with others is that variety is key if you want to see results.  Don’t believe me? Check out these studies where fitness experts explain just how important it is.  What Are Battle Ropes & Why do I Want to Make Them? No longer just for MMA fighters or athletes, battle ropes are popping up all over the place across the fitness community. And for good reason. No matter where you’re at in your fitness journey, battle ropes offer an amazing, full-body workout that’s pretty dang fun.   Aside from variance helping you yield results, a varied approach is also just a more enjoyable...

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DIY Space | Ridiculously Easy DIY Whiteboard

October 04, 2019

So today, I’m going to make my own whiteboard! DIY Whiteboards are great for WODs, but they’re also wonderful for household & personal organization. In this blog, we’ll explain how to make your very own budget-friendly whiteboard in less than 5 steps.

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