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FringeSport is the official supplier to the garage gym functional fitness movement. We serve the lifter, the WODder, and any individual with a burning desire to be better tomorrow than they are today. But most importantly, we serve you - our customers - because we understand you have options. Our mission is to make sure that when you choose us once, you keep coming back!

How we make your life easier:

  • Customers first - always.
    Within the first 30 days of your purchase? If you are unsatisfied with anything you bought from Fringe Sport, you can return it for any reason for a full refund within the first 30 days after your purchase. Simply contact us for a return authorization and ship it back to us! Note that you are required to pay to ship it back to us. Beyond 30 days, but got a brand new product in the original box? We’ll accept a return within the first 365 days for a full refund. Again, simply contact us for a return authorization and ship it back to us! Again, note that you are required to pay to ship it back to us.
  • Your pain is our pain.
    We take your time seriously. If you have a problem, we have a problem. Then we solve it fast, with common sense and again- no drama.
  • If we don't use it, we don't sell it.
    Every member of the team is a committed and active WOD-aholic. We test and use all the gear on the market- our gear, competitors' gear, and more. We sell the best. If we can't get it, we build it ourselves.


The Dip Station... and why you NEED one in your garage gym

November 11, 2020

What is a dip station, you say? Trust us, you’re gonna want one in your garage gym. A dip station is a device that hooks to a squat rack, like our Commercial Squat Rack with Pull-up Bar (the beauty you see in the video in the only free gym in the United States… the Fringe Sport gym). The dip station sits on the rack by hooking the pin through the holes in the post on the rack, just like our J-cups or safety spotter arms. This dip station allows you to do exactly what the name says: dips. Dips are an exercise (so gracefully and impressively performed by PK in the above video) that works the chest and triceps. Dips...

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The Garage Gym - Edition 2 by Fringe Sport

November 09, 2020

“You can build a world-class strength and conditioning facility in your garage.” -“The Garage Gym” September 1, 2002 - The CrossFit Journal This very quote from the CrossFit Journal 18 years ago is what originally inspired PK to get into the garage gym world, and this inspiration led to founding Fringe Sport 10 years ago, and now more recently, the Garage Gym Revolution, to help you build your very own world-class strength and conditioning facility in your garage, and improve your life through strength.If you go to a globo-gym and you see a treadmill in the corner, that treadmill alone probably cost that gym around 3 to 5 thousand dollars. For the same price as that treadmill at a globo-gym,...

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20+ Reasons to Lift in Your Garage Gym Today

November 03, 2020

There are probably a bazillion actual reasons why you should lift today, and specifically in your garage gym, but we’re here to bring you, Brothers and Sisters of Iron, just 22 of those awesome reasons. 1. Take a deep breath… in, and out. Put your hand over your heart. Feel that? You are ALIVE!There are billions and billions of people who aren’t. Those people don’t get to lift today, nor fight against gravity or their willpower that says “But I don’t wanna lift that weight!” Use it or lose it… right?2. You have a garage gym! You’ve been lucky and wise enough to have joined the garage gym revolution, and that’s brought you your very own man cave/woman cave/pain cave that...

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