The best bumper plates for Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and Functional Fitness Training. When you see people lifting at the CrossFit Games on ESPN, they have those oversized, bouncy rubber weight plates that are called "bumper plates". We have incredibly durable bumper plate sets here that are available in multiple weights and colors.

What are bumper plates?

Bumper plates are a type of weight plate for Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, CrossFit-style workouts and more. Unlike the common iron or steel metal weight plates or discs, bumper plates are made of almost 100% rubber or urethane, with a small metal "insert" in the center.

Brands of Bumper Plates

Buy from our selection of incredibly durable bumper plates for CrossFit Olympic weightlifting and Powerlifting. Durable long lasting bumper plate sets here.

What to look for in Bumper Plates?

Why Invest in Color Bumper Plates

why invest in color bumper plates

What are Technique Plates?

Tech plates are the predecessors to bumper plates. Before the technology and engineering existed to make high quality (light) weight plates from rubber (bumper plates), tech plates were the answer to hold a barbell at proper IWF height to start your first pull for the clean or snatch (or the deadlift for that matter).

So, tech plates are weight plates constructed of plastic that have a 17-18" diameter (there is a bit of variation between brands). They typically are not made in weights higher than 25#/10kg- in fact, we have never been asked for tech plates in weights higher than 10#/5kg.

While they absorb the impact of a drop, they don't bounce like bumpers do- and they tend to be loud on the drop. Durability of tech plates is a strong point, but don't believe anyone who claims they're unbreakable. I've seen them break- although it takes quite a few (thousand) drops.

what are technique plates

When to Use Technique Plates and When to Use Bumpers?

If you want to load a bar as light as possible, but still have a lifter start their pull from the correct height, use 5# tech plates.

In every other situation, use bumper plates.

Tech plates are more expensive than bumpers, they are louder when the bar is dropped, and with today's top notch bumper plates (ahem, OneFitWonder), the durability gap is way smaller than before.

Bumper Plate F.A.Q.

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