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For Wholesale Pricing, contact our Sales Team:
Ryne is our Sales Manager and Local Showroom aficionado here at Fringe Sport.

Text / Call Him Directly: 737-320-4582

Email Him: SalesTeam@FringeSport.com


He is a life-long fitness enthusiast and competitor! Throughout his life he has competed and coached in both weightlifting and Functional Fitness competitions. Ryne is currently a certified CrossFit coach and a certified Weightlifting Coach. He is also a personal trainer. This keeps him super sharp and up-to-date on the latest trends, equipment and workouts. His mission in life is to share the gospel of fitness with as many people as he can!

With Ryne's extensive background in coaching and training, he is also a TOTAL NERD for fitness equipment. Specifically, BARBELLS! His own personal collection costs more than his car. True Story! (No! He doesn't live in a van down by the river! Ha!) So, if you ever want to talk shop, or just speak about cool fitness equipment, then Ryne is your garage and home gym expert.

Call him! He can discuss why the perfect barbell matters too!

Text / Call Him Directly: 737-320-4582