9/11 Mt. Bonnell Memorial Climb in Austin

"Regularly learn and play new sports." Thus ends CrossFit's famous Fitness in 100 words.

What is sport? Before CrossFit, working out wasn't considered a sport. Before GoRuck, rucking wasn't considered a sport. But according to the Olympics, chess is a sport.

Mt Bonnell 9/11 Memorial Climb - stairs

So, is climbing a stone stairway, 44 times, with a bunch of your friends and like-minded strangers a sport?

These are things that I ponder, while I nurse my sore calves. Tomorrow, I'll be participating in the 9/11 Mount Bonnell Memorial Climb in Austin, Texas. I was invited by a number of my Atomic friends.

So why are my calves sore already? I climbed 22 times last weekend with a 50# load. The climb took me 1:20 and was brutal. But that was in mid-day heat. So tomorrow will be better, right?

I hope to see you there! Find more info here.

Oh, and I'll be using my youngest daughter as my weight. It will look something like this, only with one child:

Peter Keller at Mount Bonnell

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