Introducing Our New OneFitWonder Contrast Bumper Plates

After receiving overwhelming positive feedback on the prototype design, we are happy to announce the brand new addition of our OneFitWonder Contrast Plates!

Sporting color coded raised lettering against a clean black background and with all the physical components of our Econ OneFitWonder rubber bumpers, OneFitWonder Contrast Plates are the best option for serious individuals training general all purpose barbell work.

Our Contrast Plates feature the perfect chemical consistency of rubber as well as a rock solid  bond attaching the center O-Ring to the plate itself - These plates have had years of trial and error and design work put into them to insure durability and consistency. Like our Econ Bumpers, the 10lb and 15lb bumpers are engineered slightly smaller in diameter with a thicker surface area than the standard, which improves durability and counteracts the weakness normally found in lighter plates.

Contrast Plates allow lifters to quickly and easily identify the weight of each bumper and are a sharp addition to any affiliate or garage gym - while still being cost friendly and guaranteed to withstand the normal wear and tear of multiple daily training sessions.

 Want to upgrade your bumpers? Buy these all new contrast plates and take up to 20% Off! 

1 comment

  • Bob A

    The contrast bumpers look sweet! Are the colors painted on or part of the mold?

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