Favorite Gear Fridays - Hyperwear Sandbells Review

Hyperwear Sandbell Review

FringeSport has been carrying Hyperwear Sandbells for the past 9 months and they are a favorite around the office for their versatility, high value, and durability.

In short

Hyperwear sandbells and a great option for all gyms, but work especially well if you are constrained on space (mobile bootcamps!).

The pros:

  • Low cost/ high value
  • Durable
  • Many weight options
  • Great grip workout

The cons:

  • Not good for wallballs

The Hyperwear Sandbell review

Hyperwear recently introduced their sandbells to the market and we love them at FringeSport. They are a lower cost alternative to overstuffed med balls or slam balls. You can do a lot of the same partner exercises with them that you might do with a Dynamax-style medicine ball, plus there are many other uses.

The Hyperwear Sandbell video review

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