How To: Stop Procrastinating and Start Exercising

After a long period of staying at home, dedicating your time to work, study or other obligations, it is easy to eventually stop taking care of your body. The lack of physical activity can often lead to changes in our body system which cause serious health issues that could be prevented by regular exercise. However, after being idle for some time, both our body and mind need a little push in order to become active again.


Let us take a look at what can each of us do to start exercising and get our body on the path to good shape and health.

Start Small

Getting into full gym mode can be challenging, especially if there’s no gym close by. Nevertheless, there is a free and easy way to start preparing your body for extra physical activity.

Walking is a good method to get out of the rut and start working on yourself. Just a few blocks a day can help improve your form while adding extra few miles every day to your route improves stamina. Here is a video that shows just how good walking can be for your body.

Getting in shape one step at a time prevents giving up after that first day at the gym, and all the pain that comes with it. Muscle inflammation that comes after the workout is known to be one of the major holdbacks, as people experience a lot of pain after the first day at the gym, which often leads to giving up right at the start.

Find a Partner

Starting a new life activity is not easy to do by yourself. Humans are social beings and support is important to us in almost every aspect of our lives. If there is a friend that already goes to the gym or is involved in some other form of exercise you would do good to partner up.

There are multiple benefits to working out with a partner, according to Men’s Journal, and motivation is just one of them. It appears that people find it easier to cancel exercise when there’s nobody else involved. With someone who will be there to give you that extra little nudge, procrastinating days are history. Personal trainers are expensive and there’s a small chance to find a personal trainer that’s going to get into your room and pick you out of bed. Additionally, with a gym partner, you will always have a resident spotter.

Even the science agrees that people who exercise with partners have a tendency to work harder and spend more hours in the gym. A recent study conducted by the University of Aberdeen shows that “... the emotional social support from the new sports companion was the most effective. Thus, it is more important to encourage each other than in doing the actual activity together.”

There are tons of exercises that work better in tandem, here is a video showing just some of them.

Reward Yourself   

Another good way to motivate yourself is to establish a reward system after each workout. Your body will do it for you by rushing endorphins to help you fight the pain while, at the same time, you feel good and satisfied. However, this might not be enough for some people so grabbing a tasty meal, going out for a refreshment with your gym buddy or any other type of reward you see fitting could keep you wanting for another day of aerobics, pumping iron, or running.

No matter which type of activity you decide to take part in, your brain will connect them with the feeling of satisfaction that comes after and it will be easier to become and stay active.

Tips and Tricks

A lot of people think that the best way to start working out is to start big, set ambitious milestones and work hard. However, this practice leads to people giving up at the start, according to the gym expert that has some very interesting pieces of advice in the following video.

Actors often have to get in shape for a new movie, and some of them are not happy when they have to start their program. The next video could help you pick up some VIP tips on diet and exercise.

Finally, here is a simple workout program for beginners to help you break into the athletic way of life.


Being active is not just about getting your body in a good shape so everyone would look at you on the beach. It’s about taking care of your body, your mind, and forging your self-confidence while building a stronger character in every sense.

Jack White, an excellent writer today, started his career from the beginning and maneuvered his way up. Currently, he works at the PR department of Essays.ScholarAdvisor and he looks forward to keeping up his success into the future.

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