Meet Jonathan And See How His Garage Gym Saves Time!

Meet Jonathan, one of our fantastic Fringe Fam Members.  As a 40-year-old dad of two, most of his free (no lifting) time is spent being an Uber driver for my children’s activities, so saving time wherever he can is super important!

 Fringe Sport Garage Gym Feature Jonathan

Other than strictly lifting, he enjoys obstacle courses, road races, indoor rock climbing, and arcade games.  But the biggest place he spends the time he saves by not commuting to a gym is creating videos for his YouTube channel, NoFate247.  Jonathan says, “I find it very rewarding to create entertaining and educational content around men’s health.”  And we agree, as good quality information is important.

 Fringe Sport Garage Gym Feature Jonathan

Jonathan had a few reasons for creating a garage gym.  First, and most importantly, the time saved from going to a local gym doesn’t have a value, as time is his most precious commodity. Also, he states he loves his garage gym for the overhead height and the ease with which he can transition quickly through circuit and functional training, as he puts a lot of work in my garage gym when preparing for my next race.

Jonathan has a lot of great gear in his gym.  He became a Fringe Fam member with the purchase of the BadAss bench  and loves how he can easily move it around his gym.  He also has the new 3x3 Osprey Rack that he calls “a beastly matte black beauty of a power rack.”   He states he does have a lot of meat and potatoes equipment with a focus on functional exercises, so he can get in an effective workout and skip the fluff/puff workouts that don’t product results.    Some of his favorites?  A Plyo Box, some sandbags, gymnastics rings, a barbell, Fringe Sport bumper plates, a few dumbbells, and weighted vests.

When asked about his favorite gear, the surprising answer was a pull up bar.  Why?  He says it’s underrated and underappreciated, but will always deliver 100% results.  It is a great strength to weight proving ground and one of the best back exercises…..and then he challenged us to “Change my mind!”   Don’t worry, Jonathan – we won’t fight you because we agree!!

Fringe Sport Garage Gym Feature Jonathan

But the gear he never uses might surprise you too – he said “I never use my treadmill.  I find it boring and it doesn’t move the needle.  Prefer the devil’s bike, shadow boxing, or a jump rope for cardio.”   And he also points out he shouldn’t have bought foam flooring for the gym, but should have just stuck with horse stall matts from the start as they do the same thing, but can save you some cash.

He does say he feels his power rack was a great purchase because it’s a one stop shop for all your gains.  Having a power rack adds immense versatility into your home gym, Jonathan says,  thanks to the many attachment options that are available.  So many exercises in one compact space.  Again – we can’t fight him – he’s right, especially when you check out the 3x3 Osprey Rack he has in his gym.

Of course, we had to ask him what workout he would recommend – and he said “My favorite – and least favorite all in one – the Murph WOD!” 

Fringe Sport Garage Gym Feature Jonathan

Jonathan says he would offer the advice he was given when he first started his garage gym “Buy Once, Cry Once” because it means you’ll do your research and be sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.  And what would he tell any newbies just getting started today?   This – “Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.  Work backwards from your end goals to determine which equipment you ACTUALLY need in your home gym.  Don’t follow the hype, DO YOU!”  Excellent advice!

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We appreciate Jonathan sharing his advice – and his garage gym – with all the Fringe Fam!

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Let us know below what you think about Jonathan's garage gym and, as always, Lift Heavy, Lift Happy!

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