Pizza Crust Ponderings

Ahhhhh Pizza – in case you haven’t noticed, here at Fringe we’re a little crazy about pizza right now!

And you know why, right?  You’ve seen the bumpers? How crazy cool are they!?

Those bumpers have gotten us thinking about all things pizza and today we want to explore all the types of pizza crust there are out there

Talk to anyone about pizza and they have Very. Firm. Opinions. About Everything.

The crust is no exception – we all have our favorites right?

Thin Crust

While personally I don’t think this is a real pizza crust type (cue the comments below!) – many people love this barely there breading under the delicious toppings.

Believe it or not, there are even variations on a thin crust. New York style is thin and crispy but pliable enough to fold in half. St. Louis style has no yeast and is like a cracker.

And then there’s the “original” crust style, Neapolitan, which is thin, hand kneaded and baked in a wood fired oven – and can only be 1/10 of an inch thick!

Thick Crust

NOOOOWWWWWW we’re talking.  Thick and bready, in my opinion, is the way to go (maybe because I make a mean crust myself?!)

Of course – what comes to mind with thick crust?  Chicago Style DEEP DISH!   Some of these bad boys are 2 INCHES thick – can you even imagine?  Just let me at it – that is one delicious pie right there!

And you do have the pan pizza – we’ve all see these. While not as thick as deep dish, they have a life all their own with the delicious thick, buttery crust topped with cheese, tomato sauce and other goodies.

Flatbread / Focaccia

All right, I’m gonna say it – I don’t consider these crusts. Shoot me if you must, but these just seem a little too “out there” to be a true pizza. 

While I realize there will be those of you who swear by them and challenge me to a pizza bake-off, I think the taste of these by themselves is what throws me off.

However, I do realize – cover them in marinara, tons of cheese and an entire package of pepperoni and I’ll be right there with you chowing down.

Custom Crusts

Now this is one I can get fully and completely behind.

Add in garlic to the crust?   Yes please.

Shredded cheese and Italian seasoning? I will never say no to that.

Roll the edge and stuff with cheese sticks? Where do I sign up?

Honey crust? Sriracha infused? Brushed with olive oil and garlic salt?  Ground up peppers and onions?

Honestly – the options for these crusts are only limited by your imagination – give it a whirl and see what you can come up with!

Healthy Crusts

For those of you who just can't imagine eating a carb-y, bready crust, we do want to mention there are healthy options out there.  Crusts made with cauliflower, quinoa, sweet potatoes and even beets are popular.

Just do a search for "pizza crusts without flour" and you will be SHOCKED at the possibilities!!

So tell me – what is YOUR favorite crust?  Have you made one that all your friends beg for?  Tell me in the comments below – and let’s see how creative you are!

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