'Twas The Night Before Liftmas - Fringe Sport Style!

Twas the night before Liftmas and it was quiet at Fringe

But Peter Lauren and Jason were in a workout binge

The barbells were racked with the greatest of care

And bumpers were added, none lighter than air

The lifters were trying, with great success

To finish up workouts without too much stress

This pre-Christmas workout before the big day

Was to help them enjoy the fun and the play

When all of a sudden they heard a loud clatter

And there stood Santa and his elves full of chatter

Santa said, “Guys, we need to get in.

Your gear has been mentioned again and again.”

“Folks are asking for bars and bumper plates too

And we need to get kettlebells and a squat rack or two.”

“Can you help us load up these things in the sleigh?

I’m in kind of a hurry to be on my way!”

So Peter, Jason and Lauren scurried around

Filling orders with bumpers and bars by the pound

They pulled out the Wonder Bar and a Bomba was grabbed,

Some kettlebells were next and a few bands were nabbed.

Back forth they all ran with the elves helping out

And Santa directing with a nod and a shout

They got it all loaded and ready to fly

And Santa then turned with a wink of his eye

And said to the Fringe crew as they watched him climb in

“Y’all are on the nice list for this great big win!”

And he turned to his reindeer and said as they pawed,

“On Rudolph and Dasher and Prancer and all!”


The crew watched the sleigh lift into the sky

Then swung ‘round and whooshed off in the blink of an eye

And they heard Santa exclaim as he whizzed out of sight,

“Merry Christmas, dear Fringe Fam! Have a great night!”



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