Strongman Equipment


      5 Strongman Movements You Should Be Doing

      If you're workouts are getting stale, try adding new equipment and movements to wake your body up from the same ol' same ol'. These Strongman movements can help improve movements you may already be doing and, who knows, maybe you'll really love it.

      #1 - Trap Bar Deadlifts

      Some of you may already be incorporating deadlifts into your routines. Doing deadlifts can work more muscles than just squats. If you're trying to nail down proper form or have restricted range of motion a trap barbell allows you to execute this movement safely and effectively.

      Muscle Groups: Glutes, Hamstrings, Quads, Back, and Traps.

      Video courtesy of @hartmanstrength

      #2 - Farmer's Walk

      You may be doing some form of Farmer's Walk everyday, whether you're carrying your groceries or taking the trash out. This movement can work not only your lower body, but also your shoulders, core, and grip. This can also be done with heavy dumbbells and kettlebells.

      Muscle Groups: Calves, Quads, Hamstrings, Traps, Shoulders, Forearms, and Core.

      Photo courtesy of @sanclementegym