10 Halloween Costumes to Show Off Your WOD Bod

You have worked out all year – you’ve cleaned those jerks, deaded those lifts, kicked butt with kettlebells and perfected those pull-ups. You are ready to be the "after" picture on any WOD poster. So why hide those pristine pecs and luscious lats under a bulky Halloween costume fail?

Here at Fringe we want to save you from all that and give you the best costumes EVER to show that ripped and shredded Crossfit Bod to its absolute MAX!

Wonder Woman / Superman

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For obvious reasons, these 2 have to be at the top of the list for women and men – great costumes that will rock those abs and show off those legs

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Walking Deadfit Zombie (male or female)

After a brutal leg day you're walking around like a zombie, might as well just add some worn and tattered clothes and BOOM! You're a zombie. You can really show off some muscle and pecs with those styles – right?

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Your Favorite WOD – (male or female)


This may be a bit of a stretch – but wear your favorite workout clothes (of course, fitted to show off that 6-pack) and a name tag with a WOD name – and carry one piece of gear (or make a lightweight version from cardboard) – a kettlebell, a bumper, a dumbbell, etc.

Or you can do what a few people have done and dress up like the piece of a equipment.

80’s Aerobics Instructor

You KNOW you love the style of the 80's – lots of bright and neon colors, there's leotards, short shorts for EVERYONE, lots of sparkly makeup with headbands on killer hair. The aerobics guru himself, Richard Simmons, always rocks a tank top and short running shorts – seriously, I might steal this idea for myself!


Your Favorite Wrestler


For me – not gonna lie – Ric Flair – THE NATURE BOY – would be my outfit of choice – trademark tights with a flowing robe and the classic platinum hair.  Of course, you could choose John Cena or The Rock in his heyday.  For woman?  I don’t know about y’all but Charlotte Flair has my vote EVERY day and you could really show off that bod you’ve worked so hard to achieve!


Roman God or Goddess

Come on now – you have seen Clash of the Titans right?  What better way to show off those amazing legs, abs and arms  than with a toga, a crown and some sandals?  Your bod will be the envy of every god and goddess on Olympus!

Plus, just get a white sheet and something to secure it with and this makes a great last-minute costume. You can even grab some leaves on your way to the party!


Baywatch Lifeguard


Now we allllll know – this is probably one of the best ways to show off that booty-licious bod that you’ve worked so hard for.  Grab the red swimsuit, hook up a body board and slow mo run your way into the Halloween history books.

 Your favorite Crossfit Games hero

Yeah – I know – you’re probably thinking “I’m not that big of a fangirl (fandude?)   -  how embarrassing!”  But – is it really?  I mean – you’d dress up like Superman ….. or the Incredible Hulk ….. or David Hasselhoff…… why not choose to be Mat Fraser – or Rich Froning …. Or Tia-Claire Toomey or Brooke Ence?   Show off the WOD Bod with some famous bod workers!   Even the beautifully bearded Lucas Parker is an excellent choice!

The Spartans

I don’t know – can you do this list and not have the Spartans – especially the way they looked in the  movie “300”?  I don’t think so – and what an EPIC way to show that 6-pack (real, or Sharpied into place) off!

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#1 Fringe Fan

You knew I had to – you didn’t think I’d let such a golden opportunity pass did you??  Of COURSE not – this is the easiest of the peasiest – Fringe tee, Texas Advance silkies, and maybe a mini kettlebell, with whatever other Fringe gear you want to stack the costume deck with!! 

So – we’ve done all the hard work for you – found you some FANTASTIC Halloween costume ideas  to show off that smokin’ WOD Bod – get out there and ROCK this Halloween!  And don’t forget to tag us on Instagram - #fringesport #myfittestcostume so we can see how you totally owned Halloween!


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