Want to be a FringeSport product reviewer? **updated**

How to be a CrossFit product tester for FringeSport

Here at FringeSport, we get inquiries to be product reviewers all the time. Thanks for the interest! here's what we look at to decide who gets to be a product reviewer.

Who trusts you?

If you have a large social following, we're much more likely to give you free or discounted product to review. We assume that if you have a large following of people that trust your judgement, you probably have a high level of expertise/skill. In addition to receiving your feedback on a product, we want you to let your followers know about it too!

And no, "I train people in the local box/my garage/etc. and they'll see me using your barbell" is not what we are looking for in a product reviewer. We're happy to sell you one of our barbells (they're the best-reviewed barbells in the world!), but having your clients see you use it is just the icing on the cake- it's not really a value-driver from you to us.

How engaged is your following?

The more interaction we see you have with your audience, the more it makes us think they trust and engage with you. And the more trust and engagement you have, the more we think your opinions are valuable.

What platforms can you push out a review on?

As a product reviewer, we want your feedback- but we also want you to share it with the world. How do you communicate with your followers? We tend to value (public) websites, blogs and youtube followings over large facebook or twitter followings. Instagram is a bit better than facebook or twitter, but not as good as a blog. Why?

Facebook, twitter, and instagram are great, but ephemeral platforms. Content posted here tends to disappear down the feed in a few hours or days (sometimes even minutes!). Blog and youtube content sticks around and gets viewed for years.

Of course, if you write a great review on your blog (from a quality of content perspective) and then push it out to a large social following, you have a great chance to become a product tester.

What will the quality of your content/review be?

When you share your review with your following, we prize professional quality pictures and video, high quality, engaging copy, etc. We'll take a look at your existing work and see what you are putting out- the higher quality, the better.

What expertise do you bring?

We love anyone who is training for anything. But, for a product reviewer, we need to see that you either bring a following or expert-level expertise. For example, we partnered with Chad Vaughn for Vaughn Weightlifting since he brings decades of experience competing at the highest international levels in weightlifting.

Are you an active FringeSport customer?

Don't forget about this one! We love to see that our product reviewers have already proven that they have great taste in gear because they are already great Fringe customers.

Ready to be a reviewer?

If you think you'd make a great product reviewer, send me an email at peter@fringesport.com. Be sure to include a brief summary of why you'd be a great product reviewer plus links to your blog/portfolio/social profiles/etc.

Check out this new blog post, complete with a form to apply to be a FringeSport product reviewer!



  • Karen helding

    48 year old science teacher. Two years of crossfit,

  • Jorge payan

    I would love to be a local product tester. Do go Crossfit success and have my own garage gym for the days I can’t make it which has been a lot lately. I love using your bars and number plates during our comps which by the way feel better than the rouge bars and bumper plates

  • Joel

    You know I’m always game.

  • Mark Crawford

    We would love to be a tester for the equipment. We are current customers and have tagged y’all in our Instagram posts. We get all of our equipment from Willie at CrossFit 3040.

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