Do it! Drop in to a CrossFit box while traveling

CrossFit MeWellness ShanghaiThe traveler is often a bit guilty about leaving their home box- they miss the camaraderie, the comfort- and the training! But travel gives you a great excuse to try out other boxes in other places- to experience their community and their style of training. And in my experience, dropping into a box is easy and fun. The worst case scenario is that you get in a good workout, and the best case scenario is that you make some friends in a new place!

So, how do you drop in at an unfamiliar box?

Find a box

See what the box's drop in fees or procedures are

You are a guest at the box- so you need to respect their rules, procedures, and pricing. Check the box's website in advance of showing up for their rules.

Most boxes charge about $20 for a drop-in. I've been charged this fee about 30% of the time. Usually I buy a t-shirt, or bring a FringeSport t-shirt with me and give it to the trainer. Then they often waive the drop-in fee. You can try to do this with a (new) shirt from your home affiliate.

Clarky getting after it at Atomic Athlete in AustinShow up early and bust your hump

Again, you are a guest- so show up about 15 minutes early for your class. You'll definitely need to sign a waiver and take care of any fees or documentation. Introduce yourself to any other early birds and the trainer. If you're bored, you can usually mobilize before class.

Once class starts, show 'em what you're made of!


  • Peter

    There are a bunch in Charlotte:

    Also, the last time I was in Charlotte, I did some great trail running at the Whitewater Center.

  • Anthony

    I’m going to Charlotte on business next week. Any siggestions for a box?

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