Are Fringe Sport plates the most durable bumper plates on the market?

What's happening, Garage Gym Revolutioners? We're back today to bring back some a few blasts from the past. We're talking all about our bumper plates and their durability - something we've worked tirelessly to maintain and ensure that we're providing our customers with the absolute best bumper plates on the market.

We've designed our bumper plates to be high density, high durability, and low bounce so you don't have to go around chasing rogue plates after dropping them even from waist height in the middle of your workout, because nobody's got time for that.

Throughout the years, we've put our plates through many tests. Some wacky, some downright crazy, but we're always proud of the result when we've done so. Our plates are freakin' durable, even more durable than some of the BIG name brand plates on the market, and these tests have proven just that.

We'll start out with a simple drop test, comparing a "cheap" 10lb bumper to a Fringe Sport 10lb plate.

Not All 10lb Plates Are Created Equal

Even from waist height, a drop is brutal on that cheap 10lb plate. The Fringe Sport 10lb'er holds up like a champ throughout the entirety of the tests, as expected ;)

A silly little drop test with moves you'll actually be doing at home or at your gym just wasn't enough... we had to take it to the extreme.

Let's take a step back to one of the earlier tests we performed on our bumper plates. In 2015, PK and Ricky Redus climbed a top of Fringe Sport HQ in their ranger panties and put our bumper plates through something crazy - they slid a pair of 10lb bumper plates on a barbell and threw them off the roofÂ đŸ˜±

10lb Plates OFF THE ROOF OF HQ!

Without fail, our bumper plates survived 😏

Here's another angle:

PHEW! As if that wasn't enough, we've put our bumper plates through even more tests to really make sure they were the best on the market.

Torture test with two pick-up trucks, and 13,800lbs of force in the middle anybody? We did that. Those poor bumper plates... well, we should say, those poor competitor bumper plates 😈

Pick-Up Truck Torture Test with Fringe Sport Bumper Plates


Even the torture test couldn't take us down. That's what we're talkin' about! Fringe Sport bumper plates are made of something different. Okay they're made of high durometer virgin rubber, but still, the kind that has high density, low bounce, and can be used drop after drop after drop... you get the picture.

We aren't lying when we say our bumper plates are the most durable out there. Get yourself a pair (or set) and try 'em out for yourself. Trust us... once you try Fringe Sport bumper plates, you'll never look back. We'll see you when you're hooked to help you out with a set ;)

Oh, and just a reminder - no need to try these tests out at home. Please, leave them to us... the professional bumper plate torture testers/40ft droppers here in Austin.

As always, lift heavy, lift happy :)

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