Bumper Plates and Cutting Steel

Hey, Fringe fam, I am in a factory right now in Nantong, China.

I have talked a lot about where we produce. We produce about 60% of our product coming out of China, and about 20% coming out of the US, and then the remainder comes from here and there.

One of the big advantages that we have to producing the way that we produce is that we're able to keep prices very low for you, our customers, who are our number one care in the world.

We have to do right for you before anybody else.

The sale for this week is bumper plates. We've got these incredibly durable bumper plates that we're able to bring to market at a very, very low price for you guys. They are not going to be the cheapest bumper plates that you can buy, but are absolutely the best bumpers you can get for the price.

They're the most durable bumpers in the world, and we back that up with the best warranty in the world. I lift on them almost every single day, whether I'm lifting in my garage gym, lifting at Atomic Athlete, lifting at Fringe Sport, or lifting at one of the many gyms that I visit all over Austin, Texas, and indeed even the world.

I have just about gotten over my jet lag here in China, and you know what that means, I'm ready to head back to the US again. It's really been a great trip, a lot of really awesome stuff coming down the pipe.

If you wanna see more about our lifting shoe which we've made some very large steps forward on, check us out on fb (https://www.facebook.com/groups/323253731361242/) .

If you want to shoot me an email, peter@fringesport.com, I'm always here, always love your feedback. And if you love Fringe, tell a friend about us today. Thank you so much, be well! 

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