Fringe Sport 12 Days of Gainzmas Workout 2021

Ahhh, Fringe Fam... we've made it. The holiday season is upon us, and with that, we know you're likely taking part in eating, drinking, and being merry, as you should. We also know that this is the season of fun, holiday-themed workouts more than any other, and we wanted to take part in the fun this year.

So, we've created our own little version of "The 12 Days of Christmas" to get you sweaty, get your lungs and muscles burning, and get you gains before you really take part in the big day. Grab your favorite Fringe Sport kettlebell, your favorite Fringe Sport dumbbell, or an odd-object household item like a laundry detergent jug and you can rock right through this workout and get to rockin' around the Christmas tree 🎄

A "12 Days" workout is fun because you combine 12 different movements you might not normally see mixed together in your regular programming. It generally takes a while to get through, unless you're blazing fast and super fit, so don't feel like you're doing something wrong if it takes longer than you thought it would. PLUS, this workout is supposed to be fun, less pressure, and more about moving and connecting with your fellow garage gymmers or affiliate attendees while celebrating the holiday than anything else.

Here's the rules:

What you'll need:

  • A kettlebell (like one of our Prime kettlebells here)
  • OR A dumbbell (like these)
  • OR An odd-object household item you can swing, row, goblet squat and sumo deadlift high pull without consequence (spilling something all over, busting it open, etc)

How to complete the workout: Start at 1, where you'll do just 1 rep of the movement behind 1. Then, move on to 2. Do 2 reps of the movement behind 2, and then again complete 1 rep of movement 1. Continue this process, just like the song, until you've reached 12 and made it all the way back down to 1. Then, we suggest you celebrate with a cold one and a Christmas cookie. That's what we'll do, anyway 😉

These movements were chosen to be done with a single form of weight, but feel free to mix it up, use all the gear you've ever owned, or none at all. Weight can be easily swapped for odd-object household items if you're lacking a kettlebell or dumbbell. Both of which make GREAT gifts, even if they arrive a little late ;)

Scales? As for movement scales, we'll break those down a little later, so check out the workout first, and have fun.

Without further ado, let's get into it. And don't forget to sing along to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" 🤪🎁🎶

Fringe Sport's 12 Days of Gainzmas (had to keep it on brand, you feel us?)

fringe sport 12 days of christmas


  1. Kettlebell/Dumbbell/Odd Object Swing -> Kettlebell Deadlift, Kettlebell RDL, or Kettlebell Weighted Hip Lift
  2. Bent Over Row -> Lighter Single Arm Bent Over Row, or Inverted Grip Row
  3. Push-Ups -> From your knees, or Worm push-up (plank down, worm up or vice versa)
  4. Sit-Ups -> Hollow Hold for time, Hollow Rock, V-Ups, or High or Low Plank
  5. Goblet Squats -> Unweighted Air Squats, Light Goblet Squats, Front Rack Squats, or Squat to Chair (weighted or unweighted)
  6. Burpees -> Half Burpee (no push-up), Step-Out Burpees (no hop in/out), or No-Jump Burpees (Step in/out to plank, no hop at the top)
  7. Strict Press -> Light Strict Press, Seated Strict Press, Single Arm Strict Press, or Push Press
  8. Double-Unders -> 2x Single Unders, 2x Lateral Line Hops, or 2x Line Step-Overs
  9. Sumo Deadlift High-Pull -> Light SDHP, Swings, Super-light High Pull Only (no deadlift)
  10. Walking Lunges -> Alternating Lunges, Wall or Post-Assisted Lunges, Short-Stride/Shallow Lunges, or High Knee March (weighted or unweighted, most recommended for bad knees!)
  11. High Plank Shoulder Taps -> High Plank Hold, Low Plank Hold, Hands Elevated Plank Hold, or Knee Plank Hold (all holds for time)
  12. Box Jumps -> 2x Step-Ups, Weighted High Knee March, Squat Jumps, Air Squats, or Squat to Chair


WHEW, if you've made it here we'll assume you're either prepping to get this workout in, or you've completed it. Congratulations! Eat a sugar cookie or two for us. Enjoy your holiday, and don't forget to share the good garage gym gospel with everyone who visits your home. ;)

Merry Christmas, Fringe Fam!

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