New Year New You - How to Make Your Resolutions Stick

Setting new goals to work toward at the start of the year with a fresh start and literally the start of something new can be so attractive, which is why New Year's resolutions are so hugely popular each year. But, did you know that most people give up their resolutions by the second Friday in January? This day is known as "Quitter's Day," coined by Strava. Isn't that crazy?

Resolutions can be hard to reach especially when the goals are lofty and unspecific, timeframes aren't set, and the systems to reach them aren't in place.

We've got some tips for you to help you make your resolutions stick so this year can be the year you WIN and reach your goals. These tips don't just apply specifically to New Year's resolutions, but any goal you set for yourself, too.

Start small, but be super specific 

Resolutions often fail because the ones set are not specific enough or are too lofty and unattainable. If you're setting a goal such as "lose weight," or "get stronger", those are great things to want for yourself.

But, how can you make them more specific? Put numbers on your goals, but make sure they're truly attainable. If you're giving yourself numbers that are unattainable, like lift 10,000lbs in a deadlift or lose 5,000lbs, you're going to burn out and probably fast because you won't see the results you're looking for, ever.

However, you can get more specific with numbers such as pounds lost or pounds lifted, and it helps even more so to put a date on it. Give yourself a timeline, so the goal isn't just open-ended and seems like it will take forever to get there because you don't have the time aspect pushing you to work.

Give yourself a specific goal, like pounds lost or lifted, a specific date to reach them by, and then work backward. What are the actions that are going to help you reach that goal? By starting at the goal and working backward, you'll build a framework for yourself to follow to make sure you're on the right path to your goals.

One thing at a time

You've heard it before - take one thing at a time. This applies in SO many different circumstances, but especially here.

How many times in your life have you set resolutions to give up on them by mid January or the start of February? No judgement - we've alllll been there. It's so easy in this time to set so many big goals for yourself that are lofty and complicated and often not specific enough, like we talked about above. Consider this: when you set your resolutions, what are those resolutions riding on? What circumstances have to be justtttt right for you to be able to execute?

Often, our resolutions and goals contain too many steps that need to sit perfectly (and often don't) which results in our goals and resolutions being scrapped because they're so overwhelming. It can be so discouraging to give yourself a goal with too many steps that need to go perfectly first.

It doesn't have to be this way. Only take off JUST as much as you can chew at once. Even less than just a bite, too. More like a little nibble.

Once you take your little nibble off of your resolution, and chew it completely and swallow it whole, sending it straight to digestion without choking, you start to gain momentum. You take off another nibble, you do the same thing. And repeat. THIS is how goals are reached.

Talk about it

Be about it.

You are doing something incredible for yourself, no matter how big or small your goals are. You deserve to talk about the things you're doing well for yourself and to better yourself for your future.

You're working on YOU, for YOU, and that work and change for the better is often contagious to those around you. Plus, giving those you're closest with an idea that you're working on something creates a sense of accountability and responsibility to see yourself, and your goals, through.

Give yourself grace, understanding, but don't give up. Go one more rep.

Just like a workouts and gaining strength, reaching your goals and resolutions takes practice and dedication. "Confidence is a reputation you have with yourself. It means I can trust me, that I can do things other people aren't willing to do" - Ed Mylett.

Going ONE more rep, in any sense, like your workouts, in nutrition, in steps, in work being done, in books or chapters being read, allows yourself to create trust with your own self that therefore turns to confidence. If you're confident in yourself because you've put in the work and know you'll stop at nothing to reach your goals, you'll absolutely do that when it comes to your resolutions.

It's not to say that the road to reaching and completing your resolutions is going to be perfect. It's NOT. The best thing to understand is just that, because you can still be quite flexible in your approach, and your path, as long as the path is modified instead of scrapped when things go awry. 

Ask for support

The more support you have, the more accountability you'll get, and the more likely you are to actually reach your goals. It's okay to ask for help, to ask for some accountability, and get support from those closest to you. If you've got the right people surrounding you, they'll be so helpful and supportive in your journey. 

Get yourself some fun gear

When you've got new gear you're excited about, you'll make nearly any excuse to use it. Like new clothes or shoes, new gear can be an excellent motivator to put in some work and get some movement in. Even if the gear doesn't necessarily fit your current workout program, it's fun to work in other movements with gear that's not as regularly programmed in to shake things up and make things a little less stale in your workouts.

New gear can help you through the times when your routine or system gets rough and you feel less motivation or like giving up on your goals. We want to help you get past that and stay the course.

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